Fayetteville Tournament Results 05/14

The tournament overall went pretty well. The turnout wasn’t spectacular but I hope everyone had a good time. On to the results…

1 Moose- C - Ken, Vega, Bison, Sagat, Blanka
2 James Dostie- K - Rugal, Bison, Sagat, Blanka
3 Tomas- K - Athena, Maki, Hibiki, Geese
4 Kevin Michael
5 Peter Ho
5 Robin Palm
7 Frank Barnett
7 Eddie Hoyt
9 Brandon
9 Antwan

MvC2 Not sure exactly on teams so
1 Shaun Banks -
2 Eddie Hoyt -
3 Thra -
4 James Dostie
5 Brandon Sweat
5 Line Khiev
7 Ecko
7 David Om
9 Dwayne Mixon
9 Robin Palm

1 James Brenner - Urien
2 Eddie Hoyt - Chun Li
3 Yosef - Alex
4 Jose Hernandez
5 James Dostie
5 Kevin Michaels
7 Robin Palm
7 Mike Ku
9 Moose
9 Brandon Sweat
9 Jason Henderson
9 Phillip Haith
13 Ecko
13 Dwayne Mixon

1 Pedro/w1r3d - Panda
2 James Brenner - Roger Jr.
3 Kasht - Julia
4 Andy Lee
5 Eddie Hoyt
5 Lamar Battle
7 Shawn Gladden
7 Brandon
9 Tomas
9 Antwan
9 Willie Fellows
9 Rick Andrews
13 Jay Omega
13 Jason Henderson
13 James Dostie
13 Yosef
17 Michael Hunter
17 Robin Palm
17 Dwayne Mixon
17 Brandon Sweat

D@mn, everybody don’t speak at once! :razz:

Congrats to the winners…

Nice work, Eddie! :cool:

James B., take care, sad to see you go… :sad:

Thanks Fayetteville, sorry Durham didn’t make it this time, hope that won’t affect future efforts to have tourneys there.

pce out

Yeah, I was a little dissapointed with the turnout. It was still decent, but an unusually high amount of people had to back out the final week for whatever reasons.

As far as the actual tourny content, it was great. Especially 3S. There were alot of nail biting, heart pumping matches. Me and Yosef gave the tourny an exciting kick start. Too bad nobody was recording matches.

Mega- Sorry for the spamming headbutt cheese on Hugo. But time was getting low so I had to take advantage of that retarded hitbox. I didn’t wanna win that way, but I did have to win. Ya know?

Jose- Nice seeing you again man. Always a cool cat. Get that SAII link down, and you’ll be an even bigger beast with your already solid Chunli.

Kevin- You d.RH’ed a fireball and died. You suck. :lol: I’m playing homie. You my boy!

Yosef- Always a tough fight for me. Nice way to Shin Sho through my unblockable. I didn’t see that coming, and had to think twice before trying it again. (which is why I fucked up the timing of my unblockables against you after that. I was attempting a parry before the guard break to counter another Shin Sho attempt.) You had my Urien on the defensive while breaking your guard. Good Stuff.

Eddie H- Damn right. Hold that shit down. Your experience with Ken came through. He gave me a harder time than Chunli. But I guess my overall experience just kept it in my court. BTW, that shit you kept doing to me in the corner with Yun, nasty. You had to have been saving that setup for the tourny. (that setup to get the command throw) I ate it like 3 times in a row in the corner. And before I knew it, 70% of my life was gone, asshole. :lol:

Kasht and Pedro: Good games to both of you. Pedro, your Kuma is a beast. Always a pleasure. Nice meeting you Kasht. Very solid Julia. I knew if I used Bryan, I would have sealed my fate.

Mike- Seemed like you had trouble against me mid screen. But once you got me in the corner, I couldn’t do shit but die. You owned me up good in our dollar games later though.

Andy- Wrecking shop in Tekken! Always a good fight with you. Close fight like usual. I really didn’t like having to fight you and Eddy back to back, but it happens.

Robin- I saw that match against Kevin. Sorry man. I hate to put you on the spot, but I have to ask about that finish. What were you trying to do?

Moose- congrats on CvS2. Roll cancel electricity is your friend. :tup:

Good games everyone. Except Kevin Michael, see above. :bgrin:

Jive Out!

Sorry that I could not be present ,(dealing with money issues with gamefrog) but it is the quality of turn out and not the numbers that counts! Good job Mega and Jive! Good luck to you Jive in all of you endevours. WE AWAIT YOUR RETURN …WARRIOR. :karate: :tup:

Animals on top of T5… yes!!

Who si James brenner?.. Im excited to see Roger jr. at 2nd :clap:

James is the fucking man, good shit.

  • I had a lot fun. Theres always good competition here. :clap:

  • Glad that Yosef and Jose could make it, you guys do well in sf3.

  • Your unblockables are too good Jive, it sucks that you have to leave fayetteville now. Good luck to you in Texas.

  • Congrats to moose for winning cvs2.

  • As for mvc2, Charlotte always brings good competition here.

  • Pedro your Kuma/Panda is always amazing to watch. You deserve a lot of props. :tup:

Hope that fayetteville hosts another tournament in the future. :smile:

Good games all, pretty good tournament even with a whack random bracket. We should have had that pay-per-play 2on2 tournament, but money games were fun never the less.

Jive, sorry to see you go, now I have nobody to push myself to get better :frowning: Time to play tekken I guess.

I don’t know man. Eddie on the come up. And Ecko, that fool has no internet access or CPU for that matter. (i.e. no vids or any help on playing Yun. No surfing SRK for tips) And he doesn’t have 3S either. So no practicing. So, with that said, you gotta admit, Ecko pretty nasty. If somebody were to get some technology in his cave… GGPO.

Jive Out!

No offense to those 2 players, they’re good, but I think my chun and yun are better :smiley: I did lose to them quite a few times, I hope they keep playing and travel too. God knows I don’t have anyone to spar with, only videos and lao’s tactical pointers.

PS I wanna give credit to Lao for playing urien against me, I think it helped.

congrats to both james. and everybody else.

i wana see vids of how kuma beasts so hard/…

? "I wish I was a little bit taller, y’all…

…I wish I was a baller…" ?



Me > any durham 3s player, and I’ll back that up with any challenge for dollar games.

Sorry I missed this, congrats to yall. Damn Eddie beasting. Fitting way to go out Jive.

Edmondantes: …See you at Animazement!

http://www.chispito.com/~guio/vege/zdsf.avi (first finals match)

Juggrknott: i actually remember that song, it’s sad :lol:

tourney was awesome - it was run really fast (i know there weren’t much peeps, but still) and smoothly, props for that.

James, I already gave you props on tz, but yeah man, gg’s :slight_smile: I wanna play you after you become even more of a beast with the TX people - keep it up. Animal matches are too good. :china: