Fayettevillle, NC 11/12 Results

Overall the tournament went really well, and we had a nice turnout. I apologize for the few incidents we had, and will be sure to try to prevent these things in the future.


  1. Isaac Graham
  2. Deric B.
  3. VDO


  1. Alex Roski
  2. Eddie Hoyt
  3. Ecko


  1. VDO
  2. James Dostie
  3. Moose


  1. Jeremy “Victory Blows” Gowan
  2. David “Kasht” Vickens
  3. Jon “Danger Mouse” Drugan

I will finish posting the results when I get them, but I do not have the marvel results since that was done basically all on paper.

Im glad VDO won CVS. Not to take anything away from anyone else there but that dude deserved it. No one there had a game as tight as his. He almost OCVed a pretty dam decent player with R1 P-Raiden. Nice to see he didnt lose out to fierces and slide kicks.

Oh yeah. And how many fuckin perfects did Roski pull out in 3rd Strike. Shit was rediculous. Good shit Alex.

yo I had an awesome time at this tourney. The arcade was packed and I was surprise to see some new people arrive. First I’d like to say that VDO is sick on p groove. Moose took him to losers but came back and won the rest of the matches in both finals. We didn’t finish until like after 11 pm. I didn’t expect myself to do as good in cvs2 as I thought I did. As for mvc2 Derick B. had a very nice mss. Isaac won mvc2 however VDO and Derick B. brought me to shock :wow:. In 3s Alex R. congrats to winning. I think I saw a team tournament in 3s but I wasn’t paying much attention since I was watching cvs2 most of the time. Overall I had a great time and hopefully I’ll see you guys again.

So, Isaac won, eh. That’s to be expected I suppose.

Actually ur pretty solid man. I got the chance to watch u play T5.1 and if im correct werent you also in MvC2? Keep travelling man, get ur name out, you’ll be okay.

I had a blast. Other than that one minor hiccup in the T5.1 tourny for me (got counterpicked and stage selected against) it was all good. This is my second time going to a tourny in Fayetteville and I cant wait for the next one. Arcade was packed, and I met alot of new players.

Thanks for the good times folks.

Haha, set it up, he’ll break em down.

That’s that guy Isaac Graham.

He’s a big deal.

People know him.

He checks cheddar like a food inspector.

Showing some Maryland love and support.

…no homo.

well you ain’t the only one. I’ve been having a hard time traveling myself since I’m still in school right now. Anyways did you good yo just don’t ever quit playing.

Thanks for holding the tourney.
Very nice turn out and it was a lot of fun to see all the guys again.

Rod (Juggs): Thanks for being a sport and letting us follow you up. You are a super nice guy and a good addition to the SRK community.

Issac: Good to see you man!!! You are still cool as hell and congrats. I dont think you broke a sweet at this tourney.

VDO: Dude, you are A+ man. You were the highlight of this tourney if I may say so. Rogue/Col/Ken?? Damn that was fun to watch and that Ken was a beast!! Thanks for showing up and letting us witness that team! Good luck on your travels and your job!

Skitz: You are an upcoming star for sure!! That was some amazing stuff you pulled off. I thought I was watching a combo exhibition at one point! Damn!

Big Mike: You make all the tourneys fun as hell and you kept me laughing. Good stuff!

Dee: Dont touch my hat man. :wink:

To all I forgot: Glad to see you all again. Good job in playing and you all were fun to watch. I hope to make it out to future tourneys and possibly play or even practice if I find the time. Good job and I hope everyone made it home safely.


edit: I HOPE someone will post some vids of either MvC2 (VDO mainly) and 3s! Im sure Preppy will host the videos.


Are you gonna post all the participants’ places in all the games?

I hope he does. I believe I made 4th or 5th in cvs2.

lol yeah, I believe I made second or third to last on CVS2

congrats juan!

Awesome tourney, sorry it took us Richmond people a long ass time to get there.

We should definatly do the 3s team tourney again. Best part of the whole tourney in my opinion. Really nice meeting Roski, Corkscrew Joe, the Alex player on his team, and some other people I can’t remember.

good job alex, sorry i couldnt make it, no one wanted to drive 6 hrs lol.

Ya, I am asking eric to email me the results (not my laptop) but he sent it to some gay email account which I dont have the password for so.

Yea man nice to meet you, I was the Alex player.
Good shit nice Dudley.
Nice tourout. Had a good time. Good to see everyone and meet new people.

Fuck!! It is ashame to miss out on a tourney with this kind of turn out. For the next one you guys throw (if you have a date already set) let me know WELL in advance please. I will try to save up for a plane ticket to come up there and revisit NC and crew and hang out with my boyz.

Lets see FULL RESULTS please. I would like to see how many people entered in all the games.

Isaac: I really don’t have to say anything other than congrats. You have reclaimed the NC title for Marvel since your last win in Charlotte 2 years ago. Lucky I wasn’t there, lol.

Good tourney. It was nicely ran (except for some gaps in between games). Nice to meet everybody that I didn’t know yet. Props to VDO for being the crowd-pleaser. He’s my new hero. Shout-outs to Roski, 10x, Desmond, Rod, Stinemire, and all you other fools. Late.

Good stuff to all. Team thrid was too nice.:slight_smile:

Good games to everyone.

Match wise this was one of the most enjoyable tourneys I’ve been too. So many of the 3rd matches went to last round last match making for some real intense stuff. Wish I would’ve been able to watch some more Marvel - hopefully some vids will surface soon. P-Groove Raiden is mean! Congrats to all you placers. Nice final Eddie, we had some real good matches man. 3S Strike Team Tournament - and the winner is… =p Fun time guys.

Good to see everybody, not to mention in one place again, as well as meet some new faces. Thanks to Fayetteville and to all you out-of-towners that were able to make it. See you all next time.

Peace. :karate: