FB Alpha Enhanced R12 v0.2.96.72

They copied a lot of code from mame…so give them time to optimize and stuff. My pc can’t run 3s at full speed on it without frameskip like mame. I think the inconsistencies partly come from frameskip.

i think this is a sign of 3rd strike on GGPO :slight_smile:

his latest post said something about him being almost finished?
0746, technology behind kaillera, how many man hours are we looking at ? They should atleast have the source for sale at a decent price :confused:

I strongly doubt the new guy spent any time on it. And Kaillera isn’t worth buying. If I was looking at a professional programmer who understands what is expected of kaillera, i’d say it’d take him 1-2, 8 hrs 5 day weeks to design kaillera from scratch. And the end result will be better. Thats if he only works on kaillera. If he worked on an emulator simultaneously like Christophe did on mame32k, add an extra week or two.

R14 is now out (with a whole lot of changes/updates included in this build)


Please, report any issues with this emulator if you encountered them (and post them in this thread):


sound fixed
diagnostic menu added for CPS3 games

time to ditch MAME now!! :lol::rofl::lol::lovin:

this runs perfectly at 60fps with perfect sound and no frameskip on my semi pos computer.

Runs perfect offline, but there is a major input delay online.

wow its perfect, can use video effects too , yay

there is input delay, but it’s a lot more consistent on actually RECEIVING my inputs than mame. I can hit supers every time I try, which is nuts.

input delay with sticks? keyboard seems fine…

Guys, be careful when using the online “Chat” feature on R14. The “P” key isn’t working. All other keys are fine. :wtf:

hey guys 14 is ok but final burn shuffle is a whole lot better came out today run smooth online i was playing shadowdiouk from england on p2p almost flawless play.

just try it out http://rapidshare.com/files/82390863/FBA_Shuffle_029672_WinXP_080109.zip.html

R15 released!:


so are we in agreement in ditching mame for this?

^ same question for me.

is there any room for debate?
better performance + sane interface = win


R15 [ January 12, 2008 ]

  • Fixed little error when saving screenshots.

  • Updated a bit the Auto Monitor Aspect ratio configuration, I verified some resolutions aspects
    and did the neccessary adjustments.

  • Modified the alternative Pause key ‘P’ now it will check if you’re netplaying to do it’s function

  • Fixed a bug when loading a game and going back to the game selection window, if you don’t choose another
    game it would crash when closing the window, that was fixed and now there is no problem.


I tried out FB14 and FB Shuffle and both played great offline for me but when I tried online they both played like puke. The sound was going haywire and I had almost a half second delay with inputs. They guy I was playing had a ping of 32 and my ping was 22 so our connection was good so I’m guessing it was FB since I get way better play with Mame online. Does FB15 play well online? Because comparing offline play, FB is way better than Mame for me… dood.

You need to play p2p. Fuck those servers.