FBA Enchanced: now with CPS3 support @ 60fps

I had the pleasure of trying out the latest build of FBA enhanced, and I have to say I was impressed with its cps3 emulation, it ran smooth on my not so up to par laptop (512mb RAM, AMD mobile sempron). Loaded up FAST, about as fast as nebula’s cps3 emulator. (I load slow on MAME) AND has kaillera netplay. May be a good alternative to those having issues with MAME++.

also supports high resolutions etc. etc.

Below is a link with more updates and features, as well as a download.



nFBA with p2p netplay:
(some feel it’s better than MAME++)

at first glance, i thought it was called FBA Enchanted. :l

this is great! how do people test for input lag again?
i just want to know if anything’s changed in this edition. :smiley:
oh, and i hope this runs on ubuntu + wine!

just tried it. holy crap it’s awesome!

my only complaints are:
1.) i can’t set it to 4:3. it uses the arcade resolution and it doesn’t want to stretch.
2.) P pauses the game. that’s where i usually set my fierce button when i play on keyboard. :frowning:

is anyone working on an xbox port? this could get better than the current xbox cps3 emu…


r15 is out!?

play with the video options some more I think I got to set to 4:3

Seems I’m having problems running my 3s rom (perhaps they’re bad?)
error code #c0000005. 005c7A6E.

What’s odds of this version getting an XBox port? If it runs 2I better, it’ll replace CPX3 for me.

yeah, man, but i bet those cynical “it’s not possible” faggots will be all over it before anyone can even start working on a port.

Someone let us know how input lag is on this one. Unfortunately, it’s a little too bad on MAME/Nebula.

Do you guys think we’ll be seeing 3S on GGPO?


i like this alot more than MAME so far

1 input frame delay is pretty dang good.


This was taken from GGPO forums, I would provide a link but GGPO is undergoing server whatever ATM…

They had done quite a few trial runs to confirm 1 frame, seems like a solid case to me.:nunchuck:

How is 1 frame delay good? Isn’t that what recent MAME32+ releases had?

The nebula cps3 emulator has NO input lag.

hey what’s good ya’ll
I just did some p2p with the new FBA p2p client, it’s pretty good.

you can download the needed FBA client and the need kaillera DLL here:

Are there any cps1/2/3 emulators without any input lag at all?

OG Final Burn.

Why does no one pay attention to my posts? Nebula has 0 input delay. It plays CPS1 and CPS2 games. Elsemi programmed nebula. He also programmed a CPS3 emulator that has no official name that i know of, but most people seem to call it CPS3 nebula. It has 0 frames of input delay. Trust me, I have done these tests several times. They have no input delay.

Nebula detects inputs 1 frame before the real hardware would do.
CPS2 ST takes 4 frames to detect a input and change the character’s animation in the real thing, while in Nebula it takes 3 frames.
In other words, FBA is OK. :slight_smile: