FChamp vs Jwong at CEO makes me think these stones are kind broken



I got to play a bit myself and that (red?) infinity stones surge mode is ridiculous. You can pressure with fire (tag cancel) into ice or just upback lightning to stall (which Champ does here). The time one has built in infinites and block infinites seemingly. And we all know the box is dumb from the demo.

That mini dormammu ball seems really good and you can confirm off of it as Champ does here, but there was also some insane sougenmu buster time stone shenanigans with Zero that basically filled the screen with projectiles (he has a new move after buster that effectively shoots lasers in a fan outwards like Doom finger lasers) and made you invincible when ever there was an opening (no footage from me of this sorry.)

I just wonder with all this surface level clearly strong stuff how bonkers this game will get when people start to lab … and how long it will be before it will be too much?


Isn’t that the whole point? I mean we have neanderthals like d3v who want the game to be full of characters like Rare Akuma and Dark Donald because “mhvl bb”


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Ain’t nothing that they’re doing with those stones that’s more oppressive than anything we’ve seen in past games. Even the Time Stone loops that JWong does were in older games, although the system itself are more Street Fighter or CvS, than Marvel.


The time stone fierce mash probably ain’t optimal, but that meter build during it, damn.


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