FDM Onyx Bi-weeklies


Dates: Every Tuesday.

Location: Onyx Cafe
950 King Drive,
Daly City CA, 94015

(We encourage people to buy drinks in lieu of a venue fee.)

**Entry: **Casuals are free. 2$ per tournament.
**Payouts: **(Depending on the entrants) Winner take all or 1st: Gets most of pot, 2nd: Entry Fee

**Games: **Usually AE or UMVC3. Post in this thread or facebook page if you want different games.
We need at least 8 entrants per game.

Rules: Standard tournament rules. Double elimination. BYOC. We will have both 360 and PS3.
Depending on time, WF/LF will be 2/3 or 3/5. GF will always be 3/5.

PM or respond on FB if you have any questions.


Tournament Results:


UMVC3 ( 8 Entrants )

  1. Chrisis
  2. Haibing
  3. Javier
  4. Jeffery
  5. Zach
  6. Rudy
  7. Jon
  8. Yogi

AE 2012 ( 11 Entrants )

  1. Javier
  2. Aaron
  3. Seanbon
  4. Ken
  5. Angelo
  6. Shin Nightwing
  7. J
  8. Haibing
  9. Batman
  10. Jon
  11. Sean [/details]


So tomorrow is another Onyx tournament any games people want in the tourney?


clay fighters


No turnout today =( so starting it as a bi-weekly next week.


Good turn out this week. Shout-outs to Bart!


guys still play?


I dont think so. The hosts quit I guess.


aww sucks im in DC