FDV is now available on both Android and iOS. Also tablet & iPad optimized!


Frame Data V is now available on both Android and iOS! My sincere gratitude to all beta testers on both platforms. You’ve made FDV so much better!

My mission with FDV is to provide a lightning fast experience by giving you all the data you need in one view. No click-throughs, just one tap to see a character’s frame data, including the damage and stun every move does, move cancel properties of all moves, and extra information like invincibility/airborne/armor frames and V-Trigger cancel frame (dis)advantages. Scrolling is possible both horizontally and vertically!

All new original art by Bgflegz made specifically for FDV! A minimalistic yet detailed approach with beautiful uniform front-facing art.

Kolin will be added to FDV shortly after her release! Follow @FrameDataV on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

One last thing: FDV will ALWAYS be free, and will NEVER have ads.



are you in any way related with the vframe guys?

ps-i would get rid of the shadow on the playericons.

edit- where do you get your framedata infos from?


No, I’m not. :slight_smile: Thanks for the interest!


Gotta say this app is pretty great, thx dude :slight_smile:

There are small amounts of feedback I’d give though. One being able to toggle the character silhouettes on and off as it’s kinda hard to see what character is what when you aren’t intimately familiar with a characters look.

So like I’m sitting there searching for the characters in the silhouettes. If we could toggle just the names to show that would be great.


Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: I’ll see what I can do! Tip: the characters are listed in alphabetical order.


Looks very good! I just installed it just now. Looks very practical - kudos.


Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy the app, and get ready for Kolin!


Looks great. Looks like I have passed the game app idea on to the new young bucks. I like how the frame data layout resembles my apps though :slight_smile:

Technical question for you - why is the file size so large? 35 megs seems way bigger than it should be.


And why does the app want so much access to information?


What info does it want access to?


What device are you using? It’s only 10 MB on mine. The things that increase the size of the app are:

  1. Offline frame data - unlike many other apps, FDV stores ALL frame data locally. All frame data files are included with the download. This is done to make the app as fast as possible. No downloading data, no waiting for servers, just instant access to frame data.
  2. Artwork - the app has very high quality artwork

The app wants access to three things, all of them for making donations:

  1. Google Play billing service - for obvious reasons
  2. Finding accounts on device - to check if the user has a Google account, in order to prevent crashes when loading the donations page
  3. View network connections - to check if the user has an active internet connection, in order to prevent crashes when loading the donations page

I could’ve also combined numbers 2 and 3 into one permission called “full network access”, but I want to be as transparent as possible.


I don’t have it on any device - on the iOS listing page it says it is 35Mb.


Oh yeah that’s just the universal total size for all devices combined. The app is heavily optimized for all devices and the universal build file includes all device-specific resources. When you install it on a device, it recompiles with bitcode and app slicing to only use whatever is needed for that device. If you install it on an iPhone 6 for example, it will drop all iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone Plus images and only install the smaller iPhone images on your device (among other things of course, not just images).


Gotcha. Yeah I know about the bitcode and stuff I just didn’t realize the listing would have the size combined. I thought it showed the size for the device you are viewing it on, but maybe since I viewed it on PC it just showed the total size.


Is it possible to make the app compatible with older versions of Android?
I have an older phone with Android4 (max updated) and I can’t install it.


Sadly, no. :confused: The app’s entire UI is built with features introduced in 4.4.