[FDV] Kolin frame data now on Android! iOS coming in 2~3 days!


Hey everyone!
I’m so happy to announce that Frame Data V already has Kolin frame data on Android!
iOS updates take a bit longer, so hopefully it’ll be live in the App Store in 2 or 3 days. Enjoy!


Have you thought about doing live updates in your apps so that you don’t have to even submit new versions to the app stores for frame data updates and bug fixes in your data? It’s pretty simple to do that with a free service like Firebase. I had it implemented before I could push out an update for it and just stopped making time to update my apps because of other more important priorities.


I have thought about it, but I chose not to for three reasons:
[] One of the promises I made was to have an app that never requires an active internet connection for the latest data.
] Whenever there’s an update, I can list in the “what’s new” sections whatever has been changed, so it’s easily accessible yet not obtrusive while using the app.
[*] Even though the impact on performance would be minimal, I still don’t want to sacrifice milliseconds. I want the data to be displayed elegantly on your screen ASAP.
Thanks for the comment!

  1. You need an active internet connection to update the app so that point is moot.
  2. You can do that as well with a live update but would require a modal or something when it updates, but then you wouldn’t have to go update the app in the app store anywhere. Or you could do it with a changelist log that is hidden away in menus if people want to go view it. Or do both.
  3. This has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. You will still be able to load the data instantly then check for updates in the background, which again, would take milliseconds. And again, it means no time wasted going to update the app in the app store, which overall, takes MUCH longer than about 2 seconds to download new data, when there is an update.

And come on now - sacrificing milliseconds? 50ms isn’t even noticeable, unless you are talking input delay.

I get it if you don’t want to implement it, but you don’t need to make up phantom excuses :slight_smile:


hmm…doesnt work with android v 4.3
any chance for making it work with these older versions?


Those are my reasons, but we can agree to disagree! :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t. :frowning: The entire UI is built on features introduced in 4.4.