FDWidget with balltop

I am trying to mod my balltop. I drilled hole and got hollow shaft and everything. However I am not sure where I should connect the wire to FDWidget.

I got power and ground connect to FDWidget, but not sure where I connect my LED.

Please advise.

Balltop LED Cathode go to Ground on FGWidget LED Controller.
Balltop LED Anode go to STICK_OUT on FGWidget LED Controller.

Up Signal of Joystick go to U_IO on FGWidget LED Controller.
Down Signal of Joystick go to D_IO on FGWidget LED Controller.
Left Signal of Joystick go to L_IN on FGWidget LED Controller.
Right Signal of Joystick go to R_IN on FGWidget LED Controller.

Thanks, ,got it working now

Actually, when I connect to ground, it does not work, but when I connect to VCC on FGWidget and STICK_OUT on FGWidget it works.

What am I doing wrong?

On your fgwidget controller… what color is the 6 pin resistor? Black or brown…

Its brown

Does it matter?

yes, IIRC Toodles made a mistake with the arrays and the black ones aren’t right, so he sent out the brown ones as replacement and more recent orders he’s been shipping the right ones.

then how should i connect my balltop led?

you soldered the Leads backwards… so remove the line you have to STICK_OUT and replace that with the one you say only works on VCC and solder the one you had in Stick_out to ground…

ok. I think I was mistaking. When I connect my LED as above person suggested, it does not power on, but I think I need to program the FDWidget so that LED will always be turned on.
How do I do that? please help.

You want the Balltop LED always on?
Because what I typed above is for Balltop LED lighting up when Joystick is moved.

If you want always on, then just connect Anode to +5V and Cathode to Ground.

would that burn out my led? need resistor?

Yes, will burn.
Need Resistor, yes.

so if i want to be on all the time i have to buy resistor amd connect it to fdwidget?

No you just connect it to vcc and ground… if you want the functions of the FGwidget you connect it to the controller… but if not any vcc and gnd spot will do…

so connect to vcc and ground of fdwidget and my led will not burn out?

you still need a resistor connected to the vcc line… but eventually it will burn out… 1/4w will do…

thats why we thought you were talking about using the ball top function on the fgwidget… if you do it correctly it will work automatically… but if you just want it constantly on a line (with resistor connected) to VCC and a line to gnd will keep the led lit as long as you have it plugged into a console…

how do I configure the joystick cables? where does it go?