Feasible Xbox Fight Stick w/o Modding?

Hey everyone,
this is my first time posting and I was wondering which fight stick would be best to get for the Xbox 360 without modding it. I have read mixed reviews on the the Mad Catz fight sticks as well as the Hori Ex 2. If someone could help me find a fight stick would be my best bet for long term use with out modding it for right now I would appreciate it. Thanks.

The Madcatz TE stick is pretty nice. I don’t have any complaints though I’m going to change a few things in mine.

Get a TE…It has Sanwa parts and I think Sanwa parts last long…

Im gonna get one myself for PC use

TE and Hori RAP 3 are your only options.

Good luck.

Get a HRAP EX or even Hori EX2, stay away from Madcatz ones if you don’t like headaches

just grab a custom stick that uses happ/iL parts. japanese parts are overrated. The only advantage I see to them is they fit in thinner sticks. Once you get used to american style, it won’t make that big a difference.