Feature wish list


We all have our thoughts on whether the game is balanced, but that’s not what this is about. As great as the game is in covering the basic needs, there’s always those little features/modes that can make a gamer say, “damn that’s freeking cool!”

Before anyone says “what’s the point”, we all know Capcom cruises SRK and this can be a chance to have a single thread that says “this is what we want”. If not for SFHD, then maybe future titles.

Try to keep your wish list on features, rather than anything gameplay based (there’s enough threads about that)

Here’s a few of mine:

-Replay/record and a way to upload/share it
-Pause/framestep/UI removal
-Pure spectating mode
-Spectating during tournaments
-Ability to boot a player (I’m not a fan of this, but I’ve seen it requested)
-Join in progress on a single player game, online (SF4 does this and I think this is going to be the gold standard going forward)
-Damage counter (training mode)

What else should be on that list?


I would like:

-Rematch/challenge after ranked game. Maybe could be double or nothing for rating or just for fun. Key would be you could issue the challenge with one button right after the match before your opponent gets into their next game.

-“New Quick ranked game” option after finishing a ranked game. Make it so you only have to press one button to get back into a new ranked game instead of having to navigate the menu with 5+ button presses.

-Stats. I read that they were going to do this but it didn’t make it into release. See overall win ratio for each character, good and bad matchups, even what moves you do the most etc.

-“Kudos/respect” button (back/select I suppose) similar to how insert coin is used on ggpo: let players give 1-3 kudos in between rounds if they want to show respect (limit it if you don’t want spammers, only allow it in between rounds, etc). Would be nice for those that don’t have mics.


-Hitbox mode shows grab ranges(as yellow boxes?)
-Hitbox mode can be paused without menu overlapping screen(or menu can be hidden with select/back button)
-Hitboxes are more opaque

  • An individual sound toggle which lets you choose which stages you want to have remixed music and which stages you want to have classic ST music. Similar to SFIV’s voice system, only with music instead.

  • Definitely a menu that lets you remove the overlapping screen so that you can see the actual game without the menu GUI in the way

  • Some kind of player location system would be nice. It sucks when I play a good opponent on Ranked Matches only to never seem them again because I didn’t catch their name (Or they’ve got a really complex one) and there’s no way to locate the person once the match ends

  • A scrolling GUI for the match lobby and rankings lists. It would be so much easier to scroll through the lobby and ranking lists using the up and down rather than having to flip to a completely new page just to look at more of them

  • Sorting pings by smallest to largest would be nice, and have the cursor just start ON the top most item. I hate when four pages in a row, the one with the lowest ping is at the bottom and by the time I scroll down, there game is gone.

  • Viewing a list of people in your room while in spectator mode would also be cool. Sometimes, on the 360 version, I’ll send invites to a player, but I can’t tell if he’s joined or not while I’m watching a match. Maybe creating a pop-up message that someone has joined the room?

  • When two people are waiting for their turn to play, force it so that both players need to hit A to continue the fight. If that was the intention, it feels like it doesn’t quite behave that way. I’ve heard lots of stories of people unable to leave a two-person room because the opponent keeps re-challenging right away and the other person doesn’t get a chance to leave the room. Also, I was once in a two-person room and I wanted to invite a third person, but could never do it because the person on the other end would challenge me again right away before I could try to invite someone else (on the PS3 version) from the lobby. Show a check mark next to the name that has hit A already.

  • In Training Mode, making it so that hitting Back or Select makes the opponent walk forward a little, like in AE (I think that’s the game you could do that). Some characters, like Balrog, can’t get certain training dummies out of the corner.

  • James


Make a room and then hit LB. Last person you played should show up.

Throw ranges (command throws included) hit boxes would be REALLY good.

edit: everything james said


I would love it if I could press a button to check my ping relative to other people in the middle of a player match. At certain hours of the day, my shit just lags for no reason, and it’s really gay to be in the middle of a player match and suddenly be lagging, only to not be sure if it’s you or someone else.


Similar to what jchensor said, an option that lets you bring up your lobby while in the middle of spectating a match and give out invites would be great too. I can’t count how many times I’ve received messages from my friends telling me to re-invite because they dropped from the lobby, but I wasn’t able to send it until the match I was spectating ended. By the time the match was over, either the next match starts up so fast that I don’t get a chance to send the invite, or the lobby is already full because another person joined during the match.


Yeah in AE if you hold select the training dummy walks towards you. I’m always holding select in HDR’s training mode as I’ve programmed myself to do it from playing AE’s training mode so often in the past.

Dummy recording feature would be even better but that’s pushing it.


I made the same mistake as well in another thread, Gridman. :slight_smile: If you notice, Phoenix Reborn plays on the PlayStation 3… no such feature exists on that console!

  • James


I got flamed for starting a thread like this elsewhere without finding this one first,(it was shut down) so i’m gonna re-post my points from that one in the hope that someone from capcom sees them.Hope i’m not breaking some SRK rule on something again, apologies if i am, please cut me some noobie slack…:confused:

Here goes, apologies for any repetition of points on previous posts…

Fix all the obvious stuff like life bars, no music, desynchs, etc, etc (obviously) that’s breaking the game at the moment.

Give me an option to leave a room if i’m not actually playing yet, just spectating, it’s a bitch trying to get out of a room once you’re in, and should be a lot easier if you just want to leave the QUEUE for a game, not quit out of a match.

Create a “recording mode” in training.(Not sure if it’s possible to add something like this or not) but being able to program in specific attacks from the CPU to practise a defence against, a corner trap or fireball battle for example, is really useful and works well in other SF games.

Get rid of the stupid situation where you can charge specials on the analog stick while walking forward on the d-pad, and do “walk up psycho crushers” etc.Sure, it’s fun to be as cheap as the CPU, but it gets old after about 3 minutes, and online opponents want to get on a bus, find you, and murder you everytime you do it.

Show me stats on disconects, sign outs, and ping/connection info for each room i’m in, or change the menu so i can see a list of available rooms and their ping stats like in the “join tournament” area, so i don’t waste ten minutes waiting for a match on what turns out to be a laggy, sh1t connection in a room that i had no idea was being hosted by someone 15.000 miles away.

Give me a “search for local hosts” option, or a ping speed filter, or something like that, so i have a better chance of finding a match that’s geographically close to me, with as little lag as possible.

When i find a room that’s busy, too full, taking too long to queue in, or that i just plain don’t like the look of, and i drop back out to search again, don’t drop me back in to the same room 4 or 5 more times before giving me another option.I told you the first time, i don’t want to play in that room, find me another one, and mark that one as a “no thanks” for now.

When i pause a game in training mode, let me see what’s actually going on behind the menus.There’s no option to actually pause a training matchup, kill all the option screens, and take a good look at hitboxes etc.

And finally for now, for the love of god give me an option to knock off the reworked “ken stage” music that’s all over the game select and menu screens, as well as the “searching for a game” screen, and the “waiting in lobby” screen.I’ve played HDR endlessly over the last 3 months, and it’s constant on all of those screens.It’s the only bit of the new reworked soundtrack you can’t kill via an option…it’s brilliant and all, and the guys at OC remix did a bang up job, but i must have listened to that guitar riff about a million times now, and it’s making me crazy…i’m starting to hear it in my sleep.Pleeeease give me a " toggle menu music on/off" option to nerf it…please…