Featured Stick Maker (website weekly feature)

I’ve been meaning to expand my website and feature custom sticks and of course the custom stick makers who make these beautiful works of art…

I was thinking of doing either a once a week/once every 2 weeks feature on community members that mod/custom create arcade sticks…

Of course I would love to help spread the good word of their work/business to tons of people around the world, and hopefully this will be a good way to get stick makers more recognition and give potential customers more information on who they are purchasing from… I just wanted the opinion from the community before I go on and start this…

And any custom makers out there, I really would love to feature you guys! So if you’re interested in showing off your work and doing a short interview, please PM me!

sure man count me in i guess… altho i dont have anything recent… just some older stuff but got some good pix of them

cool idea :o

Great idea! Hope it turns out well :smile:

Mark, you should should do it like once a month. I think you’ll be out of stick builder quite quickly if you do 2 weeks! It’s a cool idea though. I say go for it!


Thanks everyone for the feedback/ideas…

Paik: Yea bro I agree, I’m leaning towards a monthly feature now… but the question now is, who will be the first feature!?

If finkle or TMO have seen this thread, would any of you guys want to be featured for the first month? Or does anyone have any recommendations?


I agree that Byrdo, as the most famous stick maker, should definitely be first.