Features you'd like to see added to/removed from a fighting game


Do you guys have anything you’d like to see more or less of from future fighting games? For me, it would be excellent to see more Skullgirls-like tutorial modes in other games, and beginner modes that teach you how to play the game, instead of simplifying the controls to the point where what you learn on that mode doesn’t apply to the others. For example, if you’re playing a charge character, it should have indicator graphics showing a directional charge is ready to go, so the other part of the move can be executed without worrying about if you didn’t hold it long enough


Frame data in training, hitbox viewer, and robust tutorials should all be staples in future fighters. It helps both new and old players out.


this x2

Personally, I would like the removal of any revenge meter in games and just use the normal super meter.


Alex and Sean in the inevitable update to Ultra IV.


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"Execute." The Decapre thread

It really does. Personally, I would treat it as an unlockable, with advanced tutorials unlocking after you do the basics, and the hitbox viewer and frame data unlocked after getting through advanced tutorials(and an alternate way to unlock all that, if the player doesn’t feel like going through that grind)


Guard meter.


Ability to replay a string of commands on a loop in training mode. Also to save and load state at any point.


A Replay channel for online and off


I’d like trial modes to continue to be used in games. Start off with basic links/practical combos, then eventually move on to the crazy, impractical, skill-testing stuff. That helped me out a lot in SF4.

To go along with that point, demonstration mode/more detail would be nice, too. Lots of new fighters (BlazBlue, TTT2) have demos of combos, which helps you see the timing/maybe a gimmick you wouldn’t notice otherwise. As for more detail, I mean stuff like in Marvel 3 where it will TELL you to do the combo in the corner. SF4 has some annoying ones where you have to just figure out it needs to be in the corner to work most of the time.

More in-depth options during training mode, too. Injustice has a fabulous training mode. You can set the dummy to do anything short of play an actual match. (I do hate the flow of the menus for Injustice, but the practicality is there for sure).

Tekken Tag 2’s tutorials were godlike (even though some of the ‘boss fights’ were annoying).


Tell that to Harada.


I had him in mind as I wrote the post actually.


I actually agree with Harada. Even though, I go forth and show data to people. You leave no wiggle room on how to evolve. what if there is glitch with a horrible move to make it very practical nobody will know about it cause the frame data said not to use it.

Also, showing Hitboxes in 3d games is going to be night mare as you would have to have camera control as well layer disabling and how the hell would you show a sphere that doesn’t cover up a lot of the model to tell which part of the animation your at?


-Buttons can be mapped at character select
-Multiple buttons can be mapped to the same action, eg two heavy punch buttons
-Frame data/boxes in training mode
-Full fledged replay feature, offline and on
-Online ranking system that actually does a fairly accurate job, this might include making ranked games Bo3 matches (yeah, I know netcode in most games makes this a moot point altogether)
-No unlocks, I would even get rid of most aesthetic unlocks.
-No DLC characters in the way Injustice or SFxT had them. DLC would be reserved for large batches of characters being released at once, sort of like a mini-expansion, with absolutely no on-disc DLC. Also, no platform exclusive characters unless it’s something like Alpha 3 on PSP where the PSP port is several years after the original release.



-Rollback netcode/GGPO

Also, DOA5U (and I believe KI) style free-to-play. DLC character but with the ability to buy the whole cast at the start for TOs and serious players.

Don’t 3D games use a different collision system entirely? At least that’s what folks in the 3D game forums/communities have been telling me.


its ridiculous that its 2014 and I still have to say this, but input display in training mode on every game


Sadly, there are alot of things that fighting game should have but are don’t.


Hiding frame data changes NOTHING other than delaying the game’s natural progress for about 3 weeks. Also if a move is useless just for its frame data, i.e. it really offers no benefit to justify the risks, then it’s the developer’s fault for making the move useless. What does availability of frame data have to do with it?

A must have feature: Multiple record function in training mode.


Oh yeah: LET ME PLAY MY GOD DAMN MUSIC IN GAME. Jesus, only SF4 of the game I play let me do this, and it’s the oldest current-gen fighter I own!


I wouldn’t say it’s completely different it’s just spheres or cubes in 3d environment instead of a 2d box in 2d plane. which can make it look extremely cluttered.

A lot of data can be wrong in those few weeks. I believe some one started hacking tekken 3 awhile ago and found that the data that was considered the “gospel” completely wrong. It’s stuff like that he wants to be gone no where in his games.

Another example of getting data wrong. A lot of the capcom jojo’s data out there floating around is actually wrong. Since, I was able to look at the hit editor and actually see the frame data.

To prevent people like you saying something about their game. Even though, I hack games and share data I can still get it wrong. Like, the first draft of sfex2+ movement data.