[Feb 10, 2012] Castle Greyskull Dungeon Ranbats! Fridays in Richmond, VA! (Richmond, VA)

[LEFT]Games: Variable, but will be two games NOT featured at 2$ Tuesdays that week. Most likely, it’ll be from these four AE/KOF/UMvC3/SCV. Whatever is not for the tourney WILL have a dedicated setup for casuals.
There will probably be 6 setups. Two for each tourney game, 1 for the other two casual games. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Since the Strange Matter Tourney is AE this week, the games at[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**the Inaugural Castle Greyskull Dungeon Ran-bats on 1/27 will be KOFXIII and UMvC3. **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cost: 5$ per game, 2$ Door Charge[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time: Doors open at 6, tourneys start at 7. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]System: Xbox 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Format: RR pools will seed 6 players into a single elim finals bracket where the top 2 players get byes. All matches in finals are 3 of 5 (including grand finals) This creates hype all or nothing finals. There will be a 3rd place match. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ranking points will be accumulated and will be used to help seed players in River City Bowl and Civil War. There’s a good chance of a prize being awarded to the overalll season winners at Civil War.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st-20 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd 12 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd 8 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4th 4 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th 2 points each[/LEFT]
[LEFT]everyone else- 1 point for showing up.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]****Strange Matter 2$ Tuesdays will count ****for ranking points. That way, at least 3 games will get points every week. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]For more info check out:[/LEFT]