[Feb 11, 2012] Capcom X FingerCramp Street Fighter X Tekken East Coast Invitational... (Shadowloo)

CAPCOM® and FingerCramp® will be collaborating to host the first ever high level Street Fighter X Tekken exhibition event in New York City.

The event will take place at an undisclosed location where FingerCramp has brought together some of the most talented players in the Fighting Game Community. With huge names such as FingerCramp’s own Andre “Jago” Lambert, Brokentiers Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza, Local Battles Christopher Gonzalez, Team Spooky’s Arturo Sanchez and Tekken’s greatest Shaun “NYCFab” Swain we will be showcasing the endless possibilities found in Street Fighter X Tekken. FingerCramp hopes to display East Coast’s unique high impact style.

Street Fighter X Tekken delivers the ultimate tag team match up featuring iconic characters from each franchise - one of the most robust character line ups in fighting game history! With the addition of new gameplay mechanics, the acclaimed fighting engine from Street Fighter IV has been
refined to suit the needs of both Street Fighter and Tekken players alike. The power-packed game also sees the introduction of the innovative Gem system, a strategic new way to customize and enhance the fighting experience!




Live Stream Location


Saturday February 11
7:00pm - Pre Show
7:30pm - Street Fighter X Tekken FingerCramp Doubles Exhibition (The FC crew will showcase the Dynamic SFXT battle System)
8:00pm - Street Fighter X Tekken 16 Man East Coast Invitational Tournament
10:00pm – MAIN EVENT: Team Street Fighter VS Team Tekken
Representing: Team Street Fighter will be Andre “Jago” Lambert
Team Tekken will be Shaun “NYCFAB” Swain
They will face off in a grueling First to 5 wins Exhibition.




Chris Hu

Aqua Silk

Next Level Henry Cen

Local Battle Chris G


BrokenTier IFC Yipes

Team Spooky Arturo

Team Spooky Min


Fighting GM

Blood Hawk


FingerCramp Homeless

Chris Matrix




Spab Rog