[Feb 11, 2012] [Feb 11, 2012] Knockout Fights [#1] at Dave & Busters - RESULTS - (Bethesda, MD)


Silly me, would’ve posted this sooner if I had realized the thing to do was post short results first then edit in full results. Will edit in full results soon.


  1. FNEX KBrad
  2. RyRy
  3. Darkchild
  4. EZ5 Rezz
  5. EZ5 Sev
  6. Perfect Sin
  7. Rugal B
  8. Zerp

UMVC3 (56 Entrants)

  1. IGT Unkn0wn
  2. Dj Huoshen
  3. Meep
  4. Coma
  5. Fourthstar
  6. FNEX Kbrad
  7. Troof
  8. RyRy

SC5 (24 entrants)

  1. Boom
  2. The Old Sifu
  3. Promethius
  4. Crash
  5. Misato
  6. Perfect Sin
  7. SW Beta
  8. Mr Wah

KOF13 (13 entrants)

  1. RyRy
  2. Linsanity
  3. DjHuoshen

Thanks so much to everyone that helped make our first tournament a huge success!

[Feb 11, 2012] skisonic and SteveH's Knockout Fights [#1] at Dave & Busters... (Kensington , MD)

People are still talking about it. Great job Steve and Ski. and I mean that. That was won of the best tourneys we’ve had in this area in a while. Truly felt like a mini Major.


shout outs to everyone who made this happen. Ski could you link to our Youtube Channel? I should be putting up vids by the end of the day.



Amazing Tournament for the DMV area.

Shoutouts to all the new people I met and gg’s to all. Be sure to pm me with your contact info if you would like to come to a session in Gtown.

Shoutout’s to Ski - Tourney ran smooth, and I think the way everything set up was great. Major props. Let me know when you plan the next one, I would like to help advertise.

Shoutouts to Steve - Awesome Event. Drink’s, Food, and most of all great games in one location. I’m working on getting sigs right now for a petition. I’m bringing an official sign off to xanadu. I think we can get a 500 signatures easy but lets shoot for 1000.

Shoutouts to GimR - Stream ran smooth, Very profession. <- To everyone this guy went on a weekday night just to make sure we had everything ready.


had hella fun at this tourney :smiley: GREAT TURNOUT. Way more people then I expected to see hope you all can put another one together in the near future.



I didn’t hear about this thing till the day of so unfortunately i didn’t make it, really awesome that things like this are happening more in the DMV though. Watched the stream though and it was awesome, ran perfectly and the games were good. If theres ever anything like this in the future count me in.


As always, great to see the gang again. Glad I was able to sneak in the back and setup the projector. I had a blast and was happy to meet other SC players as I just started learning the game series. I wish I didn’t make so many mistakes in my final match but thems the breaks.

Look forward to the next one, and I enjoyed the after party.


Alright, from now on I think I’m gonna have people write down their names. When some one tells me their name is EZ5rev or something weird like that, there is a very high chance I’m going to spell it wrong.


I remember seeing “Old Sifu” in his first match as “Old Seafu”. lol


For my first tournament I really enjoyed it got to talk to alot of people about the game and learn something from my lose vs a Zero player overall it was great can’t wait for the next one.


Props to Steve and Ski on hosting a great tournament. Alot of new faces came out and represented. D&B was a nice venue. I’ll definitely come out for #2!


When’s the next one?!?!?


they’re trying to arrange one for april


Damn, hope it’s in the early half as I’ll be in Japan for the last half :frowning: