[Feb 11, 2012] Gwinnett Brawl (Duluth, GA)

[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV AE: Version 2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Playstation 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$5 Venue Fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$5 Pot Fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Top 3 get payout(70-20-10)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Registration begins at 2:00pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournament starts at 3:30pm[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Bring controllers if you have them.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Setups Provided.[/LEFT]

We would like to thank all of the people that came out to our first tournament and made it successful, but we are back for another tournament this week and will be playing both UMvC 3 and SSFIV 4 AE!
[LEFT]Follow us @ twitter.com/gwinnettbrawl[/LEFT]