[Feb 11, 2012] IGNITION CHICAGO: 2nd GEAR ~Valentine Edition brought to you by... (Chicago, IL)

[INDENT=1][SIZE=7]IGNITION CHICAGO: 2nd GEAR ~Valentine Edition brought to you by Ignite Network[/SIZE][/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]When:** Feb 11, 2012**[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]This is the next Ignite Network fighting game tournament, which will be bigger and better than the previous one.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Title Games:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver 2012 (XBOX)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (XBOX)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Mortal Kombat 9 (XBOX)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]King of Fighters XIII (PS3)[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Ignite Network[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]3171 N Clybourn Ave[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Chicago, IL 60618[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]$10 venue fee[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]Tournament Prices:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]$10 per game[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]If you bring a system + one of the tourney games featured, and we use it for the tournament, then the venue fee will be waived. first come first serve.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Payout will be 70/20/10 for all tournaments[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][LEFT]**Schedule **[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]1 pm - Mortal Kombat 9[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]2 pm - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver 2012[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]4 pm - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]6 pm to 7 pm - Dinner Break[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]7:15 pm - King of Fighters XIII[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Tournament Rules/Format:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Depending on the game depends on the format, obviously.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]2D games will be 2/3 rounds.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Games will be 2/3 matches, and losers/winners/grand finals will be 3/5 matches.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-You are allowed to bring outside food.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-You are responsible for your own items.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-Please show respect to the staff and other players as well.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-If you show any type of physical misconduct, i.e. throwing your controller, then you will be banned from the venue for good with no refund.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1][SIZE=5]We will have audio splitters for people to use their own headsets if they feel the noise is distracting.[/SIZE][/INDENT]


wooo Y cables for audio. I will be there

Get Medina to stream!!

We in there!!!

Had me at KOFXIII

Xbox for all games and I’ll be there.

Oooooooo, a piece of candy.

ps3 plz.

the system depends completely on what is available. last event, it was all xbox.

can people volunteer equipment?

Current List:

Nives (AE, UMvC3, KOFXIII)

CurlyW (AE, UMvC3, MK9, KOFXIII)
Heroic_Legacy (UMvC3, KOFXIII)

You have my PS3!
(And my copies of AE, UMvC3, MK, and KoF!)

I’ll bring a PS3 with KoF and UMvC3

I’ll have my PS3 with everything but MK.

Also, on the rare ocurance that SG wil be out before this tourney I will run it as a side event.

I can bring a Xbox with marvel and sf4 or a ps3 with marvel, sf4, and mk

I can bring an xbox with everything but MK9, or a ps3 with just AE depending whatever you guys need

Guess I’ll bring my PS3 with everything. Have you guys figured out an order in which the games are gonna be played by or are all the games gonna be played at the same time?

If needed, I can bring a PS3 with UMvC3, AE and KOF. It’s kind of far for me so I can be a backup for the backups but let me know if I need to bring it.

Nives im bringing my 360 setup again, i have ae and umvc3 and I should have KoFXiii by then. I already told Noah a few days ago.

Thanks guys! Hopefully a schedule will be up soon, but we plan on stagger starting SF4 and UMvC3.
Odlander - Right now we need more xboxes, but I will let you know for sure when we get closer to the tournament.

I’m bring a ps3 with mk9.

I will be there and can bring an xbox setup with SSF4:2012, UMVC3, and MK9 including all dlc characters and updates.