[Feb 11, 2012] NΛM Fighting Fraternity Meeting 2 (Kingston, RI) 2/11 (Kingston, RI)

For all those people in the RI area who pined for a weekly event I will be starting them from now on under the banner of NΛM. We will be holding casual tournaments and free plays within the confines of the URI Memorial Union’s Gaming Club(on the third floor). The goal is to build a stronger FG community here on the far east cost, and better all are skills in the art of fighting.

Address: 50 Lower College Rd, Kingston, RI in side the Student Union of URI at the Gaming Club
Time: 2/4 at 4 PM, time might change but for now that is it.
Platform: X Box 360
Format: Double Elimination

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
maybe King of Fighters XIII

Prizes: None at the moment, but there is no cost of entry other then your time and maybe fuel to get here.

ask me for more info. Hope to see you there.

Anyone that can bring an extra copy of SF and MvC, or whatever would be cool. I would like to have three systems running the same game at the same time if possible. I believe I can get three 360s and I want at least to have them all working at the same time.

I would like to thank all those who have came today, we may have had a smaller turnout today but I proudly say that everyone had a nice time. I intend on doing this next week as well with more people and am looking foreword to it.