[Feb 11, 2012] SSF4 A.E 2012 Ranbat season 1.1 Sat February 11 (Granada Hills, CA)

Hey Guys its ranbat season again at FFA so lets get ready for Evo!!! hope you all come, it will be fun!!!
Game: SSF4 A.E 2012
System: Xbox 360
please bring your own stick!!!
when? Saturday February 11th
Time? 5pm
Entry? $7 ($4 pot $3 venue)
format? Double Elimination

  • All characters are usable.
  • This tournament will be on the Xbox360 console.
  • Ultra lock is on
  • Winners Final 2/3
  • Losers Final 2/3
  • Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches.
  • If game gets interrupted due to stick malfunction, game will be restarted
  • if game gets interrupted/paused due “start” button by one of the players, then I will ask both players if its ok to resume game. If both players agree, than game will resume, if there is no agreement, the player will be penalized with that round.
    system points format:
    1st = 8 points
    2nd= 6points
    3rd= 4points
    4th= 3point
    5th= 2point
    6th= 2 point
    7th= 1 point
    8th= 1point

thank you all who showed up and supported the tournament, we are having a team tournament within the next couple of weeks. anyway, here is the current point lead.

hugo 101 = 8pts
Vicious = 6pts
Merciless = 4pts
Mark = 3pts
Kilomax = 2pts
Tekkentim = 2pts
Hellfyre = 1pt
Herman = 1pt