[Feb 12, 2012] Shadowloo Night Live 2012: Round 4 (Southbank VIC)

Click this link for all the details!
http://www.shadowloo.com/shadowloo-night-live/shadowloo-night-live-2012-4 :p:


Hey guys, hopefully you all had a good time either attending round 3 of Shadowloo Night Live or watching the event via the live stream. Either way, we hope you all can join us for Round 4 which is scheduled to go down this Sunday the 12th of February. Same time, same place.

We hope the US special guest; DJHuoshen has opened up your eyes on how far behind we are in terms of Marvel and with the OzHadou Nationals coming up the week after round 4, we really need to step it up.

Please also check the schedule as we’ve made some slight changes to it. Please also try and arrive before the tournaments start cause it makes the staff’s job a whole lot easier, plus it doesn’t mess up the seeding of the brackets.

Newcomers to SNL; SoulCalibur V and King of Fighters XIII had a pretty solid turnout, so let’s see if we can keep that up or better yet, surpass it. Please let other Soul and KoF fighters know about SNL and convince them to come along.

For those who have never been to an SNL event, it’s a very friendly environment where you can improve your skills and make some cool new friends, so come down and check it out if you can. Spectating is free! Check out all the details in the link at the top.