[Feb 12, 2013] WSO SSF4 London (London)


WinnerStaysOn’s weekly Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament, featuring such players as WW.Ryan Hart, WW.F-Word, WW.Andreas, CG.Problem X, Taaha, CG.Yota, WorstGiefEVER and many many more. SSF4 & UMVC3 are every other Tuesday in Gamerbase Piccadilly, at the back of HMV in central London. For more information see http://www.facebook.com/winnerstayson. Streamed at live http://www.twitch.tv/armshouse.

Venue: HMV Gamerbase, Piccadilly Circus
Registration: 6.30PM - 7PM
Tournament: From 7.30PM
Fee: £5, £2 fine if you do not bring your own controller.