[Feb 15, 2012] Bellingham TILT Arcades: February 15 Season 2 Premier! (Bellingham, Washington)

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen in the Bellingham Washington area,

Bellingham Tilt Arcades is starting a new fighting game season. There is only one problem what game should we do next? I want the fighting game community to participate in voting what we should play next! Here are the featured games:

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 :: Current 2012 Champion : Vince Kumar
The King of Fighters XIII
Mortal Kombat
BlazBlue: CS II
Tekken 6
Soul Calibur V

Further details will be announced as soon as I get the votes in. Voting will end Sunday February 12!

Put me down for King of Fighters XIII.

Sir yes sir!! Duly noted!