[Feb 15, 2012] WNX Soul Calibur V Tournament (Arbutus, MD)

Xanadu Games, the premier gaming center in the greater Baltimore area will be hosting its first Soul Calibur V tournament during the weekly Wednesday Night Xanbats. Xanadu tournaments follow the standard rules of the Evolution Championship Series, operating on Playstation 3’s in a double-elimination format. However, bonus setups are always welcome in order to accommodate those who prefer to play on Xbox 360 as well as help move the tournament along at a more brisk pace. It is possible for those who can bring setups to receive venue bonuses, for details please contact Hudathan via private message.

Tournament rules:

  • 5 dollar venue fee, 5 dollar entree fee.

  • Double elimination, winner/loser finals are 3/5, grand finals are 3/5.

  • Devil Jin CAS and Dampierre banned.

  • Test match allowed for button checking at the beginning of every set.

  • Loser of a match may request a switch in character or a new random stage before the next match.

For those who are attending, please RSVP, spread the word, and do your part in making competitive Soul Calibur a mainstay here at Xanadu Games.