[Feb 16, 2013] Game Underground Monthly Tournament (Framingham, MA)

12pm MK9 (PS3)
1pm Tekken Tag 2 (PS3)
1pm Playstation All Stars 1v1
2pm Playstation All Stars 2v2 (if there is interest)
3pm Persona 4 Arena (XBOX 360)
4pm Street Fighter IV AE (XBOX 360)
6pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (XBOX 360)

$5 Venue Fee covers all games
$10 Tournament Entrance Fee per Game
$10 Per Team for All Stars Doubles
SF and P4A
2/3 Matches
3/5 Loser’s + Winner’s Finals
3/5 Matches
3/5 Loser’s + Winner’s Finals
Tekken Tag 2
3/5 Rounds 2/3 Sets
3/5 Loser’s + Winner’s Finals
No Solo Mode

Playstation All Stars
Both Tournaments
5 Stock Unlimited time

Double Elimination
1st 70% of Pot
2nd 20% of Pot
3rd 10% of Pot

Facebook Event Page

Stream at

Wait wait…this is on the same day as New Challengers in CT, which was announced a long time ago. Please don’t make us choose between the two. :frowning: