[Feb 16, 2013] Tekken Bowl I (Cincinnati, OH)





Arcade Legacy
The Cincinnati Mall – 600 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

February 16th, 2013

Tekken Bowl I registration will be in-person only.

Universal Event Badge Pricing*-Single Day-*


TTT2 Beginners’ Tournament – Free Entry – PS3
TTT2 Veterans’ Tournament – Free Entry (tentative) – PS3
TTT2 Pair Play - Free Entry - PS3
TTT1 Tournament - Free Entry - PS3
Tekken Bowl – Free Entry – PS3
Tekken Ball – Free Entry – WiiU
Soulcalibur V - Free Entry - PS3
Virtua Fighter 5: FS - Free Entry - PS3

Arcade Legacy
Arcade Legacy will be fully open to the public during Tekken Bowl I, and your entrance fee allows you to enjoy the arcade’s offerings for the entire day!

Boss Fight TV
Boss Fight TV, straight out of Cincinnati, OH, is dedicated to covering all eSports events, and we are more than happy to welcome them aboard to be the Tekken Bowl I official on-site media partner.

1st Place in Beginners, Veterans, TTT1, Tekken Bowl, Tekken Ball, Pair Play, SCV, VF5 and the Exhibition will receive 2 limited edition Tekken Bowl I posters of different designs.

No repeat poster winners. If there are any leftover posters they will be raffled off to those who did not already win any.

Red Ghost Apparel
Tekken Zaibatsu
The Videogaming Federation
Arcade Legacy
The Fighters Generation

Pair Play / SCV / VF5:FS - 1pm
Beginners’ Tournament – 4pm
Veterans’ Tournament – 4pm
Tekken Tag 1 - 7pm
Tekken Ball – 7pm
Tekken Bowl – 7pm
Exhibition – 10pm
Money Matches – 11pm

Arcade Legacy on Twitch.tv

Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

The first of two Tekken Bowl I limited edition posters will be revealed soon!


Check out the first of two limited edition posters illustrated for Tekken Bowl I! This one was done by local artist Arkayne.



Check out the promotional spot for Tekken Bowl I starring head organizer Nathan Shields and with a special appearance by local artist and Tekken player, John Crayton!

Thanks to Kameron Davis for recording and editing the spot. Remember, Tekken Bowl I is February 16th at Arcade Legacy. New players and Tekken fiends will all find something to enjoy, so confirm your attendance now!



[LEFT]Would you all prefer to replace TTT2 Pair Play at 1pm with tournaments for other games? Maybe SCV and VF5?

Just not sure how popular TTT2 Pair Play will really be . . .

Let me know, folks![/LEFT]


We’re adding Soulcalibur V (PS3) and Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (PS3) to the lineup at 1pm!


The second, and final, limited edition poster for Tekken Bowl I, illustrated by local artist John Crayton!



That poster is awesome. Crayton did a damn good job on that for sure. :tup: