[Feb 17, 2012] Friday Night Fights(FNF) Anderson, SC Feb 17th! (Anderson, SC) Results!

First off I want to thank everybody for showing up last night. It went well and very smoothly. I’m glad some of you enjoyed it and had a great time. I can’t wait to hold the next one! Invite some of your friends next time and lets make the community even stronger! Thanks for all your support and effort! Shows true class and excellence of the Upstate SC!

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

1 Chris Carter
2 Michael Clark
3 John Stowe
4 Kevin Hutchins
5 Karim Alimohammed
5 Chris Lee
7 Nick
7 NaughtyDavidBowie
9 Trey Williamson
9 Edgar Galindo
9 Dustin
9 Chad Scott
13 John Lentz

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1 NaughtyDavidBowie
2 Zachary Galloway
3 Cliffton Duffy
4 Chris Carter
5 Trey Williamson
5 Chris Lee
7 Kevin Hutchins
7 Lester
9 Edgar Galindo
9 Michael Clark
9 Dustin
9 Chad Scott
13 Karim Alimohammed
13 John Stowe

What does it mean when some people have the same standing or place? Like for AE, me and you are both in 5th.

Did you guys finish up the third strike bracket? I’m hoping I didn’t get last in something.

We both tied for 5th in that game. Basically your above me cause probably beat or got beat by someone who placed higher in the tournament.

No you didn’t get last. We just finished it up at my apartment. I think I got last lol… I haven’t done good in 3rd strike in a while. I think your above me.

It was a good tournament! The brackets ran faster than most tournaments i’ve been too. Looking forward to seeing more people come each time!