[Feb 17, 2012] SuperCon 2K Series - MegaCon Sci-Fi Convention Game Room (Orlando, FL)

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. SuperCon 2K Series is making its way out to the Mega-Con Convention on February 17th-19th 2012. Featuring today’s hottest titles come check Mega-Con’s awesome game room powered by the SuperCon 2K Series. Come play both casually and competitively to win great prizes. If you love gaming this is the place to be in February. Below is links to details about the Mega-Con Convention game room and the Mega-Con Convention overall:

SuperCon 2K Series - MegaCon

Note: Entry fee into the event is ONLY the venue fee to the convention. Everyone is allowed to participate in all tournaments once you have purchased a pass to the convention

Expect to see the following titles at the Mega-Con game room
[]Soul Calibur 5
[]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
]Gears of War 3
[]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
]Super Street Fighter 4: AE
[]King of Fighters 13
]and more…
Make sure you check out the full game selection for the SuperCon 2K Series here:


You can also follow the SuperCon 2K Series on Facebook and Twitter:


Additional information on prizes will be coming soon

any update on those prize payouts as of yet?