FEB 17 - Fight Pub at Dickens (Calgary)


Long weekend in Calgary? Start of reading week for those post secondary types?
Sounds like a good day for the first Dickens tournament of 2013!

TLDR? It’s a long weekend - come to Dickens
that means you Edmonton!

DATE: Feb 17th, 2013 12:00pm - Close
LOCATION: Dickens Pub (1000, 9th Ave SW Calgary, AB)
EVENT FEES: $10 players fee / $5 per game

All Games will be played on XBOX 360
[]Super Street Fighter 4: AE2012 - $100 Pot Bonus
]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $100 Pot Bonus
[]Street Fighter X Tekken v.2013 - $100 Pot Bonus
]Street Fighter Underdogs - Prizes TBA + Free Entry into AE2012 Main Event

12:00pm - Doors Open - Registration is go
[INDENT=1]1:30pm - SF Underdogs Reg Closes[/INDENT]
2:00pm - Street Fighter Underdogs
[INDENT=1]***3:30pm - SFXT Reg Closes ***[/INDENT]
4:00pm - Street Fighter X Tekken
[INDENT=1]5:30pm AE21012 Reg Closes[/INDENT]
6:00pm - Super Street Fighter 4: AE2012
[INDENT=1]7:30pm UMVC3 Reg Closes[/INDENT]
8:00pm - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

AE2012 & SFXT: Double Elim / Best 2 of 3 / 3 of 5 Grand Finals
UMVC3: Double Elim / Best 3 of 5 Throughout

Players entering the Street Fighter Underdog Tournament are not subject to player or tournament entry fees if that is the ONLY event they are participating in. Only 1st place will get a free pass into the main tournament and all other players wishing to participate will be required to fork over the applicable fees.

Dirgesong (HEY THAT’S ME!)


Calgary Thread 2013
Calgary Thread 2013

I’ll try to be there.


And I’m sure it needs no repeating, but Dickens is a HUGE venue.
So, as always, people are encouraged to bring setups for what ever they want to play if we’re not representing it. Hell, run your own tournament if you want.


I’ll be there.


Good luck with this


Thanks man!


People can use the Underdog sign-up sheet : https://docs.google.com/document/d/199l6wGs_76LSyzG3u8ln20EZTYFndMPhfq--JzVCGss/edit

Not a necessity, but it would be nice to get an idea ahead of time just how many people will be entering.


so if im entering just for marvel it starts at 8pm?


Registration closes at 7:30pm for UMVC3, so that’s the absolute latest time you can show up.


wow thats pretty late for starting a tourney. good think i expect i will be drunk as a skunk by then :slight_smile:


Hi Calgary Fighter Community!

I was thinking about joining in on the good times at Dickens on Sunday Feb 17th. I have been trying to look up some details on the event and I have some questions I was hoping someone could help answer. I’m totally new to playing games in a competitive nature and I have never been to any events yet of this kind.

  1. Does anyone else have troubles viewing the facebook event?
    (When I click the link for the FACEBOOK EVENT LINKY LINK in the first post it just takes me to this page)

  2. I see the format is Double Elim / Best 2 of 3 / 3 of 5 Grand Finals. What does double elimination mean exactly? Does best 2 of 3 mean “3 Rounds” or does it mean best of 3 Games of 3 rounds each?" Then for 3 of 5 does that mean “5 Rounds” or something else. Sorry I am a total NOOB.

  3. I found the google docs signup sheet for underdogs. For exceptions for the underdog tournament it says

"[SIZE=4][FONT=Arial]Any players who are sponsored, have won a tournament, or consider themselves “very good” at the game. We are expecting people who haven’t even played the game before to enter, so be a good sport and save your competitive spirit for the main tournament :)"[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][FONT=Arial]I have played before. I average around 500-700 PP on Ranked Play for SSF4:AE. I wound not say that I am very good at the game either. I can do maybe 12 trials for the average character in the trial mode. I don’t want to sign up for underdog and look like a jerk cuz I have played before but I am no where near “Very Good”. Any recommendations based on my info?
4. If it says GAMERTAG does it have to be your LIVE Gamertag or what you want to go as when you play?

  1. Can I play with a 360 Controller or do I need to bring an Arcade Stick?

Sorry for the mass amounts of questions I just could not find the answers online anywhere. Thank you so much![/FONT][/SIZE]

  1. Sorry - Facebook messed with the privacy of the event :stuck_out_tongue:
    That’s fixed now.

  2. Double elimination essentially means you have two lives.
    In the first round of the tournament, everyone is in the “Winners” Bracket. When you lose you have one more shot in the losers bracket. If you lose two, you’re out.
    The format is best 2 of 3 matches. Games are always 3 rounds a piece.

Only the last match of the tournament is best 3 of 5 matches, but still 3 rounds. If the person coming from the loser’s bracket wins then another set must be player since the bracket is reset at that point.

  1. Join! We are excluding the killers, but average to new players are still encouraged to join. The idea is to get people enthused about getting better and just playing.

There’s also no need for the player fee to participate and there’s prizes!

  1. Pads are fine, if you don’t have a wired one, bringing a play and charge kit with the old AA battery pack. Since pads sync to the console we keep it wired or bust since the wireless pads have been cause for people hitting the guide button on someone else’s game from across the room.
    It’s become a tournament standard no-no.

If you want to peek at the rules bible I’ve written for everything you can always peruse it here:


Awesome. Thank you. I didn’t know this was a Canada Cup Event. I came across that website but didn’t know that was for this event. This answers my questions. Thank you so much.


It’s not a CCG event, just some of the staffers doing something fun and casual without the the stresses of running a major tourney. lol


Well that’s how new I am… I got pwned!


Feb 17th. You know what day this is? 4th year anniversary of the game that changed all of our lives. I’m gonna celebrate hard.


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Jozhear”>Feb 17th. You know what day this is? 4th year anniversary of the game that changed all of our lives. I’m gonna celebrate hard.</blockquote>
I’ll celebrate when chun li air throws your ass. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!


What are the rules for SFxT gems? Is it preset gems only?


Yep, that’s the plan because a certain someone went out and bought all the gems on their console, so to make all the consoles even we’d have to do the same. I’m sure as shit not doing that, and I’m also not going to make a list of the 350+ gems and which ones can’t be used lol


lol Gems