[Feb 18, 2012] Battle for the South 3 Mardi Gras Madness, New Orleans (Kenner, LA)

The ebb and flow of the Louisiana fighting game community is an interesting trend that can be seen in Louisiana history. Through years of prosperity and depression, hundreds have been forever changed by the experiences they have had in the numerous arcades, tournaments, and events of this land. Madness and hatred have been engraved in the minds of those who have dared to play, and with every hero and villain that has come and gone, the legends of this land continue to grow. In many ways, this community is the most remarkable example of how games can tie people together, creating bonds that are strong enough to withstand the greatest of calamities.

It is with fond memories and respect for our past, that we announce a new kind of tournament. A tournament that celebrates this region, this community, and everything this community stands for. A tournament that will allow us to share our culture, style, and customs with the rest of the fighting game community. It is now, at the crossroads of the past and future, on the eve of the greatest and most unique festival on American soil, that we announce:


February 18-19 2012

Crowne Plaza
2829 Williams Boulevard
Kenner, LA 70062

Google Maps Link

What is Battle for the South 3? Battle for the South 3 is the spiritual successor to various fighting game tournaments that have been run in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year, Battle for the South 3 will take place on Mardi Gras weekend. Why? Mardi Gras is New Orleans’ largest and most unique festival. What better way to share a taste of our home and culture than by hosting a fighting game tournament to coincide with it!? For those that don’t know, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is INSANE. If you have never been before, we can assure you its unlike anything you have seen before. Beads, alcohol, AMAZING FOOD, and people from all over the world converge in a humble city to party until the sun rises (and sometimes later). BFTS staff is going to do something really special to make sure tourney participants and people who travel to our event get the Mardi Gras, and Louisiana Fighting game community experience!

What to expect: A fun-filled tournament stacked with the deadliest competition. After tournament business, expect to experience a festival unlike any other. Bare chested women, cross dressers, nothing is unusual during Mardi Gras, especially since you will be wasted half the time anyway.

Coming Soon!

The Crowne Plaza has a room rate of $159 a night for 2 beds for this event. While this may seem steep, this is quite cheap for Mardi Gras season in New Orleans. Note that this event takes place on a Saturday and a Sunday during the busiest time of year for the city, so plan ahead and be on time!

For those Flying in:
Please fly into Louis Armstrong International Airport. The hotel is actually VERY CLOSE to the airport, so getting a taxi is actually the most efficient means of reaching the hotel. Taxi services will be in full force for Mardi Gras Weekend, so getting to the venue should be stress free and cheap.

Venue Fee:
$20 - Starting November 1st
$25 - Starting 2012
$35 - At the Door
$10 - Per Tournament Entered.

Stream by Boom Gorillas
Commentary by Skisonic

Payouts will be based on a sliding scale of the amount of entrants. More information coming soon!


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 (360)
2 out of 3 Rounds
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (360)
2 out of 3 Rounds
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals
No Game Breaking Glitches

King of Fighters XIII (360)
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals

Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
2 out of 3 Rounds
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3)
2 out of 3 Rounds
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals

Soul Caliber 5 (PS3)
3 out of 5 Rounds
2 out of 3 Games
3 out of 5 Games All Finals

10 am - Doors open
12:30 pm - Registration Closes
1 pm - SF4, KOF, BB:CSE brackets
4:30 pm - UMVC3, SCV, MK9

** Disclaimers, Rules, and Regulations:**

  1. Tournaments with less than 8 entrants will be canceled and your entry money will be refunded to
  2. Side tournaments are always welcome. With the knowledge if you decide to run a side
    tournament, you take full responsibility for the tournament. In addition the side tournament
    cannot interfere with main tournament set-ups.
  3. Money matches are welcome, in fact, encouraged.
  4. If there is a tournament you want to see (i.e. Team tourneys/a particular game), then make the
    demand! If enough people want something we will make it happen!
  5. There will be no outside food or drink at this venue. However, the venue will have food and
    alcohol vending for the tournament.
  6. If you are disqualified from a tournament, you will not receive a refund.

Brad aka Kakitajamie
Stone aka KenmastersX
E-mail: battleforthesouth@gmail.com
Web-site: www.battleforthesouth.com

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Hmmm, my birthday is a few days before the event, I’ll try to fly out and party it up out there to extend the birthday celebrations.

I want to see 3rd Strike at this tournament. I know a lot of people still play and there’s gonna be more with online coming soon.

Skullgirls isn’t out yet, but it’s another possibility depending on how it turns out.

Good stuff so far, I’m definitely going to make it out there.

**Also needs more smack talk.

This should be exciting. Any idea how the 2-day duration is going to play out?

can not wait

stone told me about this, all I heard was boobs so ill probably go

Holy shit, I live right down street from there. I am so going. I need to start practicing.

I’m game for Marvel and (hopefully if it’s out) Skullgirls.

And Bewbs!

You guys need to update the thread with pricing for tournies and venue fee.

Had some hold ups in confirming information. All of this will be up Monday.

All registration information is now up on the web-site. Registration will open tomorrow November 1st. Get signed up and get your flights/hotels booked soon. This is during Mardi Gras so things will increase in cost the longer you wait.


I want to go just for mardi gras, gonna try to get a group from San Antonio to go, may be hard since they are all using facebook now to communicate and I dont like facebook >_>

Not sure where I will be, if I’m back home I will be there for sure

I’m there easy. Hi ShadowCharlie

no kof?

KOF13’s definitely going to be there even if it’s not an official event. Chances are that since Skullgirls is not coming out anytime soon, KOF would be a suitable replacement.

I don’t have any official word, but I know there are a good number of people who play KOF in Louisiana.


Due to the lack of a confirmed release date on Skull Girls we have dropped Skull Girls in favor of Soul Calibur 5.

The NEW version of BlazBlue will also be released prior to the tournament and we WILL be running it for Battle.

We have extended the $20 pre-registration period through the 7th. So get in and save $5 while you can.

Also special update for Street Fighter Third Strike fans. Friday night fights will be Holding a tournament for SF3s tournament and the finals will be played out live Sunday on the BFTS3 stream. We will also waive the venue fee for the select top placements based on entry. More details to come.

Happy New Year and get ready to party hard for Mardi Gras.

Brad aka KakitaJamie**

We have also decided to put KOF 13 on the roster! So right now we’re up to six games! KOF 13 will be on 360 along with UMvC3 and SSF4 AE 2012 while BBCS Extend will be on ps3 with MK9 and SC5. Any questions just let us know!

edit: Oh, and Skisonic’s confirmed for coming, so if anyone ever wanted to meet him he’ll be there! :smiley: