[Feb 18, 2012] IEBattleGrounds Presents: MK9 Singles Tournament Claremont, CA... (Claremont, CA)

MK9 Singles Tournament

1050 North Mills Avenue Claremont, CA 91711 (Mead Living Room)
here is a map of the campus

the event will be held in Mead building #11 on the map inside the Mead Living Room it is located on the west side of building #11.
the best place to park is East Mesa Parking lot right off E 9th St. & Claremont Blvd

Time: the venue will be open at 4PM signups for MK will begin at 5PM and end at 6:30PM
i will generate brackets from 6:30 to 7PM. tournament will start at 7PM. keep in mind that we need to be out of the venue by 11:30 so please arrive on time.

Playstation 3

2 of 3 matches, double elimination
winners finals, losers finals & grand finals will be best 3 of 5 sets.

Banned: Smoke Glitch, Hell Stage, Kratos Stage,
Kratos is banned and not allowed in tournament play.

$5.00 buy in. there is NO venue fee
Parking is Free

depending on entrants 70/30/20 or 80/20

Live Stream:
http://www.twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds stream will start at 6:30PM PST

we will be providing 5 more stations with other games such as
UMvC3, SSF4AE2012, KoF13 & SC5 casual stations will be on xbox 360
casuals are free of charge

please provide your own controller

i will be updating brackets and matches information as the tournament progresses on twitter @IEBattleGrounds

questions or comments feel free to post.

FYI there are numerous campus events going on this weekend, so if you are coming on Saturday give yourself some extra time to find parking.