[Feb 18, 2012] Squadron Gaming Tournament (B68 8HT)


[LEFT]poster for the upcoming tourney I’m doing. Those who went last time know the venue is solid and there’s plenty of room for everyone who may wanna come. I’m mixing the games a bit and making it a more open tourney but the main hall is still all about SF. I’ve made a group where I’ll be posting info regarding group, so check that out too. any questions ask me here, or in the specific group. hope to see ya there![/LEFT]

Cool. What’s the setup going to be, how big are the screens or is it projector? Will there be commentary? Am I allowed to call be people fag whilst playing Call of Duty??

Last one was a joke

2 of the smaller rooms are gonna be the 40" screens, I think they are. The other is a projector. the main hall is a 48" screen
there will be commentary again yeah
call ppl w/e you want, but be more creative than “u fag” or nobody will get buutthurt

who’s going??