[Feb 2, 2013] Plenty of Corn (Decatur, IN)


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 - Xbox 360
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Xbox 360
Super Smash Bros. Melee - Gamecube
Project M - Wii

= Persona 4 Arena casuals and side tourney, probably on PS3 =
= Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike casuals and side tourney, probably on Xbox 360 =
= KOF13 casuals and possibility of a side tourney, no clue which console =

*** this is a bring your own controller event so please have a dual mod stick or converter for your PS3 pad

UMvC3 –
3/5 matches the entire tourney
winner keeps characters & assists, loser can counter pick

SSF4:AE 2012 –
2/3 matches, winner/loser/grand finals all 3/5 matches
winner keeps character & can switch ultras, loser can counter pick

please see the link to the Smashboards thread just below for rule sets on these games

Smashboards thread – http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=330926
Facebook event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/219262208208740

Venue fee – $5
No spectator fee!
On-site registration only!
SSF4:AE 2012 – $10
UMvC3 – $10
SSBM – $10 singles, $20 doubles
PM – $5 singles only

*** we could use help with a couple extra full setups. “full” meaning console + game(s) + lagless monitor (everything required for one setup to completely function for the tournament, PS3 would not count in this case) so anyone who can volunteer to bring a full setup for any game please send me a message on here – bringing a full setup gets you in the venue for free! again i cannot stress this enough, for it to be considered a full setup it must be a tourney console (gamecube/wii/xbox 360) along with the corresponding game title(s) being played on that console, and a monitor on which to play said game titles. also we could use help on power strips. bringing a power strip is in the same category as bringing a partial setup – it will not get you out of paying the venue fee but it does tremendously help the event run more smoothly

10am: The venue opens
11am: Sign-ups for all games begin
12pm: UMvC3 & Melee doubles begin
There will be a dinner break after these games finish.
SSF4:AE 2012 & Melee singles willl begin after the dinner break.
PM singles will begin after Melee singles finishes.

*** each of these main games will play until we reach the top 4. when a game reaches the top 4 it will stop and will not resume until all other games also reach the top 4. from that point all matches will be played on stage. this will be done game by game (e.g.: finish all top 4 of Marvel, then move on to all top 4 of Smash)

1st: 60% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 10%

Starlite Club
3690 N US 33
Decatur, IN 46733

Starlite Club is a large venue that can host around 150 people. It has it’s own parking. There is smoking permitted outside only, and there is no alcohol permitted. It has plenty of tables and chairs, plus even a dance floor and a stage! Please visit the link to the Smashboards thread listed above to view several pictures of this venue. Just click “show” by the hidden message to see them.

Papino’s Pizza is a great local pizza vendor that will graciously be offering two (2) free slices to all main tournament participants, as well as a great deal of only $1 per slice after that. Anyone in attendance, including spectators, can also take advantage of delicious $1 pizza slices. Please visit and like their facebook page…

There are also many restaurants within a 5 minute drive of the venue. We have a street packed full of places to eat. It is a bit like the Las Vegas strip except instead of hotel/casinos we have restaurants. :wink:

10am - 12am midnight (roughly)

Baymont Inn and Suites
1201 S. 13th St.
Decatur, IN 46733

Matador Inn
922 N. 13th St.
Decatur, IN 46733

*** our gracious tourney host Nicholas Laipply (phone/text listed just below) is willing to house a small number of people traveling from far away – feel free to contact him with questions

Nicholas Laipply, who goes by Gracen on the Smashboards forums, is your tournament host and can certainly answer all of your Smash tourney questions/concerns. If you need to contact him for directions or other general questions feel free to call or text to 260-918-5887.

My name is Brent Werling and I will be helping as a tourney organizer for the Capcom side of things. Definitely come to me with any needs for the Capcom games we are running. If you need to contact me for any reason please reach out via call or text to 260-223-4961 or you can write me on here or facebook if we are friends.

i also wanted to add that we will have at least one station (hopefully more) that will have some other games on the hard drive like 3S, ST, VF5, Skullgirls, etc.

so if we get some free time throughout the evening if folks want to challenge each other in something besides our four tourney titles then please feel free.

i will be happy to take on all challengers in ST and possibly something else. just get at me!

tell them to get persona in there, aquapazza too!

we can certainly TRY to have some side events for games like those as well. i say try because i hate to guarantee something and then come to find out we are way short on time. i really hope to have enough extra time throughout this event for other stuff folks want to do so i would encourage you to come on out and see if you can gather interest in a side tourney. of course the main tournaments take precedence over any side games, so if a guy is up at SF4 and P4A at the same time he needs to report to SF4 first and then whatever afterward.

i just want to advise one way to help ensure you get stuff running on the side would be to bring your own setup. i want about four setups all going together at one time for the SF & Marvel but this is a spacious venue so there will be room for more setups. the nice thing is if you have any side tournament or even just a casuals setup for P4A you can run them on either 360 or PS3 however you see fit. of course Aquapazza is limited to PS3 but if players want to play it then why not.

just a note to any players planning to attend, if you have any different games you really want to play for either a casuals setup or for a side tourney then by all means post up here. get vocal and push for your game and see if others reply. if no one says anything then it definitely won’t happen.

Looks awesome, but it’s sadly a no-go for me :frowning: I’d have to take off work to be there, as I work at Noon that Saturday. Again, though, it’s an awesome idea! I hope you guys get plenty of attendees!

do these usually have a nice size turnout for AE I may come…

Nel - looks like we will have two copies of Aquapazza on hand. this is probably a first outside of Japan and California.

Chemleonice - sorry to hear. the long term goal is to host more of these in the future if this one goes well, so hopefully there will be more chances.

Hornett - good question but sadly there is no history to work with. this is our first go-round with POC so we could certainly use the all support we can get as far as attendance goes. i am making sure to invite most everyone i can from around the midwest, it’s up to the players to come through for us.

update news in the opening post for today:
[]updated housing information (3 options)
]updated power strip information (we need all the help we can get but a power strip does not waive the venue fee)
[*]updated full setup information (further defined a “full” setup in regards to waiving the venue fee)

I’ll come ready for some Marrrrrrvel.

I’m hoping to be there with a few of the Michiana guys. If I come I’ll bring a setup for UMvC and AE.

Riot is going? I have to go.

Was this tournament named after us!? :3

I’ll try to come down with purdue if you guys have p4u and aquapazza. Melty blood is a bonus~

Wow, didn’t know people held events anywhere near me. To bad about no p4a and xbox but ill show up to watch. I could probally bring a ps3 set up with scV and p4a if anyone is interested in playing on the side.

Twilight - noted, we really hope some of y’all can attend.

Brian - yeah who knew Smash players loved corn. we hope you’ll bring some of the crew down if possible pinky up

Beno - we talked in Indy, see if you can catch that ride and come join us.

Bob Dole - sounds good. after talking some more with Nel and some folks at Godlike Sunday’s yesterday it seems there is a decent amount of interest in Persona. not sure where you are located but our crew meets up often in Fort Wayne and Decatur.

updated news in the opening post for today:

[]added announcement for Persona side tourney in the game lineup
]updated schedule to say main tourneys will stop at top 4, when all top 4’s are set we will finish all games one by one on the stage
[*]updated food/pizza info (free slices only for MAIN tourney participants, $1 slices for anyone including spectators)

Sounds hype ill make sure to bring my setup and show up a little early also i’m in Monroeville which is just a little outside of newhaven would be awesome to get some people to play with in the area.

I met Cheezeface over at Godlike Sundays in Indy and he was telling me all about this! I’ll def. try and make it out! I’ve been curious about Project M for a while and it might convince me to donate some dosh towards Melee for EVO -u-

EDIT: My work schedule changed and is causing some complications, I won’t be able to make this one guys ;~; Sorry!

Just to be 100% sure, enough interest has been shown to run Persona right? All people need to do now is show up?

Miller - yes you are correct. I don’t know the true total of people that will enter but there is enough and a Persona side tourney + casuals will happen for 100% sure. Nel, who posted above, will be in charge of running that.

updated news in the opening post for today:

[*]added announcement for SF3 3S side tourney in the game lineup

I know it’s not that long of a trip but my team and I will be there to give you guys support, it’s good to see more events happening in Indiana.

yeah we really look forward to having some Indy folks come up and gear up before their event next Sunday, which i know some of us are looking to also attend. :slight_smile:

=== asking for help ===

hey gang, just wanted to put the word out that we can probably use some extra copies of both SF and MvC. i want to take this chance to remind that bringing copies of the games by themselves will not waive the venue fee (that requires an entire setup) but in case we have more consoles than discs it would just be helpful to keep things running more smoothly. this isn’t a race to run a speed tourney but we certainly would like to try and finish up early so you all have the most options available to you (playing casuals, going out for food, heading back home early, etc…)