Feb 21st SOVA. City Sound & Media Tournament

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Date: Feb 21st

Location: City Sound & Media, 2509 Encounter Ct. Suite 102, Va Beach Va

Time: 11am doors 1pm Tournament

Games: Tekken DR, Tekken Tag, SC4, SFHD, 3S, Alaph 3, SF4, and Mortal Kombat 2 (more games to be added or subtracted based on sign up/interest.) If there is a game we can host that I’m not let me know.

Price: $5 venue fee (closing the business all day for this thing so I gotta pay the bill some how sorry guys)
$10 per game or $5 if the turn out for the particular game is under 15 people.

Pay out: 70/20/10 on all games with over 15 participants. Games with less than 15 entries become winner takes all.

This event will have sponsors TBA so there is the possibility for extra money in the pots and perks as well.

Originally posted by aimforthefeet
Casuals will start at 1pm sign ups are also at 1pm for singles matches
(you don’t sign up by 2 you don’t play)
Street Fighter IV 2pm
Alpha 3 3pm
3S 3pm
TvC (someone needs to get with me and let me know there bringing these)
MvC2 (someone needs to get with me and let me know there bringing these)
MK2 3pm
Tekken DR 4pm
SFHD 4pm
SC4 4pm
Teams Sign ups 4pm
Tekken DR
and anything else there is interest in doing.

I’m posting my contact for anyone who doesn’t have it but I best not get any nonsense calls or someone dies.

757 305 8876 cell
glutton4tragedy aim

should be fun times, i’ll be there to beat that one other person who plays TTT…and to lose to Wailon and BMore at another monthly :frowning:

What we playing mk2 on?

PS3 I’m sure.

Same date as SinSation? Not so good.

AND the carolina games summit

I’ll try and make it.

yeah, may want to reschedule this… I’d get a list of confirmed entrants sort of deal so you know what you have to work with.

I’m def coming to this and not sinsation. I’m not traveling anywhere until sf4 drops.



Then we will see you once it drops…:wgrin:

Oh you will Eric… You will! :smiley:

Date changed to give Sinsation and Summit some breathing room lol.

the new venue is tight folks…i want people to show up and support this thing so we can start holding events in SoVA opposite the weekends that C3 and majors will be running.

Since I’m going to Sinsation, the new date works for me…I’ll be there for SF4 and SFHD.

…and TvC…if eventually people start playing this :sweat:

i’ll be there, can’t wait for this shit.

maybe some TvC? :smiley:


i like, very nice. although that is a assload of games. who’s going to run all those?

edit: this is 10x posting from chandon’s place

i’m interested in this. i may attend

aimforthefeet (on TZ) is the one responsible for the event, and will be the one handling the process. he’s also the one who has been responsible for running most of the FnG and PAGG tournaments over the past year. the last time Jamie (aimforthefeet) put the handling of a portion of one of his events in the hands of another, things diddn’t turn out so well. so, i suspect he’ll just be running everything for the most part. the only thing he’ll need help w/ is when brackets for games other than Tekken are setup on his computer program, to ensure that people who play all the time don’t have to fight in the first round. so, if any community heads wanna step up early on and fill that need, that would be great. otherwise, it should be a fun time.

Alpha 3 first place is mine.

Most likely, I’ll be handling Tekken (as I usually do). I’m sure we can find some other upstanding citizens of the community to aid in this affair. :wgrin:

And Josh, I’ve almost always put a hand in running the FnG and PAGG tournies that I’ve attended. It wouldn’t be a VA tourney without everyone’s favorite announcer/cameraman. :tup: