[Feb 22, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | Sprite Nite I (In Tha Big City) | KOF XIII & 3S OE (St. Louis, MO)

KOF returns in a BIG way as BarWarz introduces a brand new event we call Sprite Nite. As an homage to all things good & 2D, we are gonna run KOF XIII with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OE! Come indulge as these games get the 4G stream treatment to deliver the purest sprite experience!


What sorts of treats do we have in store for Sprite Nite?

Well for starters: how about an epic Money Match between The Hawk Alliances’ CEO: Hall Hawk and the Ladies Man himself, JJJ in a FT5 for $50 Dollars and the right to call yourself STL’s Best UMVC 3 player (…until Rex0r is back, that is lol). There won’t be salt shakers or licks for this match. No, we’re gonna need the whole damn salt MINE. this is a match you are not gonna want to miss.

After that, we bring you our FIRST KOF XIII and 3S OE Tourneys of the new year!

Note (via Voracious Ways) : STL’s King of Fighters S-Tier player Sparkster may not be out to play in the actual KOF XIII tournament this week due to work obligations, but he WILL be in the house a little later. This means that unless he appears earlier than projected you won’t have to worry about this killer ending up in your bracket!

However, for those wanting to play our top performing playing he’ll be taking on all comers after he does arrive. There is still a $100 bounty on anyone to take this man down in tournament play. And we will commit a smaller $50 bounty to anyone who can beat this man in one of these challenge matches (must be at least a 2/3 match).


The Return of the Midnight Madness tournaments FINALLY commences in 2012 with an ultra hype cab tourney of Garou: Mark of the Wolves!

And as always, great drinks from your friendly Dannos staff. Its gonna be one hell of a nite, indeed, so don’t miss out!


  • All Matches 2/3. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3/5
  • Payouts 70/20/10% Unless otherwise stated.
  • It is within the tournament director’s right to DQ anyone for delaying the start of a match excessively. If you are still in a tournament, be nearby and ready to play at all times.

7PM : Casuals/Streaming Begin
9PM : Street Fighter III : Third Strike [XB360]
9PM : King of Fighters XIII [XB360 or PS3]
12AM : Garou; Mark of the Wolves [MVS Cabinet] {$3} Winner Take All

[Poster Courtesy of Sparkster]