[Feb 22, 2012] WNX Soul Calibur 5 Weekly Tournament (Arbutus, MD)

Xanadu Games, the premiere gaming center for the greater Baltimore area will be holding Soul Calibur 5 tournaments as a part of its weekly Wednesday Night Xanbats. WNX tournaments follow the Playstation 3 standard set down by the Evolution Championship series. Participants are expected to arrive promptly up to one hour before the official starting time for registration purposes. All late comers are expected to contact the tournament organizers such as myself (Hudathan) directly.

WNX SC5 Rules:

  • 60/30/10 split.
  • Double elimination, Winner/Loser Finals 2/3, Grand Finals 3/5
  • Players will run a test match for button check purposes when they sit down to play their matches. Needing to pause the game for any purpose once the set has begun will cause that player to automatically forfeit that particular match.
  • Wireless Playstation 3 controllers must be properly turned off and put away when not being used. As with any major tournament, interrupting the tournament carries the harsh penalty of automatic disqualification.
  • The loser of a match can request a change of character or a new random stage. The winner of a match must stay with their character.
  • Devil Jin CAS and Dampierre banned.

Our first WNX Soul Calibur 5 tournament saw newcomers and veterans alike from both Maryland and Virginia. With your support, we can make SC5 a mainstay here at Xanadu Games. So please spread the word and come participate in one of the most dedicated fighting game communities on the East Coast!

VGBootCamp will be providing live streaming.