[Feb 23, 2012] ThoseGuys and Arcade Odyssey Ranbats Starring FLocker/Pain/GreenAce... (miami fl)

ThoseGuys and Arcade Odyssey Ranking Battle System

This is our ranking system that the group has decided. We are going to be doing a series of Streamed tournaments every other thurs starting today at Arcade Odyssey(since the majority of people that are planning to enter live in the kendall/miami area) Every other thursday we will running regular tourneys at either Nelson Rodriguez house(ghetto version) or Zero Ping. Stay tuned for the stream link and more info tonight.

The winner of UMVC3/SF/SFXT …ThoseGuys will sponsor their tickets to EVO2012

Prizes for 2-3rd will be announced soon
Join our SFL groups if you are interested in the fighting game scene.
**Miami FGC **
Zero Ping Fighting Game Community

Check us out: Youtube.com/watchthoseguys