[Feb 23, 2013] Winter Brawl 7 - The Madness - Philadelphia pa., Feb 23rd and... (Philadelphia pa)

Big E Gaming is proud to announce Winter Brawl VII at the amazing Holiday Inn – Stadium Hotel.
02/23/2013 – 02/24/2013
Holiday Inn Stadium
900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Located in the South Philadelphia area 1 mile from the Philadelphia International Airport.


Room discounts info link

Winter Brawl VII Sponsors:

Big E Gaming

Gaming Vision Network

Namco Bandai



Team Sp00ky

STREAM: (Main)
Will be streamed by none other than the infamous Team Sp00ky! The stream can be found here–http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
2nd Stream–Tekken/SCV and more Jaxel:http://www.twitch.tv/8wayrun
Extra streams: TBA

Eric “Big E” Smalls
(267) 231-8996

VP–Robert “FightClub” Hubbs
(610) 573-8305

VP–Zack “Kattermari” Kattermann
(201) 650-1318
Online Venue Pre-Registration: $30

At The Door Venue Registration: $40

Spectator Fee: $20

Unless otherwise stated all console tournaments will be played on PS3.
All singles tournaments will be standard format 2/3 match points for normal matches and 3/5 for finals matches. (UMVC3 and 3D fighters will be 3/5 match points)

Team tournaments are single match the entire tournament including all finals matches.

Venue and entry fees will be collected between 9am and 5pm both days. Please allow 1 hour prior to tournament start time to register. Even if you preregistered online you will still need to check in at the registration desk for each tournament.
Saturday 02/23/2013:
Team Tournaments:
SSF4:AE teams 3v3 — start time TBA — $30 per team
UMvC3 3v3 — start time TBA — $30 per team
3S:OE 3v3 — start time TBA
DOA5– 2v2– start time TBA — $20 per team
MK9– 2v2 - start time TBA– $10 per team
SCV–2v2 – start time TBA –$20 per team
TTT2-2v2 — start time TBA–$20 per team
KoF13 — 3v3– 1pm — $30 per team
Brawl and Melee Teams


SATURDAY 02/23/2013:
Singles Tournaments:
SSF4:AE — 6:00pm — $10 — will continue Sunday–ps3– $500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
UMvC3 — 6:30pm — $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes(half the pools will start Saturday and the 2nd half will start sunday at 11am)
MK9 – 3pm– start time — $10–ps3– pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
SC5 – 3pm– start time — $10 (top 8 sunday)–ps3– Pot Bonus info coming soon
TTT2 – start time TBA — $10 (top 8 Sunday)–ps3 to come
P4U — start time TBA — FREE Entry–Ps3
BB – start time TBA — $10–ps3
GG – start time TBA –$10– ps2
DOA 5 — 5pm — $10 — Ps3
Melee Doubles — start time TBA
Brawl doubles/Melee Singles– start time TBA
Brawl Singles– start time TBA
ST — start time TBA — $10 – held on arcade cabinet Or Super Gun–


SUNDAY 12/2/12:
SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – start time TBA
UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – start time TBA
KOF13– start time TBA – FREE Entry–ps3
SC5– continuned from Saturday– start time TBA
TTT2– continuned from Saturday — start time TBA
VF5FS — start time TBA —$10 entry fee.
SFxT — start time TBA –$5
MB:AA – start time TBA — $10–Pot Bonus info coming soon
AH3– start time TBA – $10 entry fee–ps3
3S:OE – start time TBA — $10–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon
UMK3 – start time TBA — $5
All-Stars - TBA

Guys if you see names down twice or if you don’t see your name on the list let me know.


[quote="eric, post: 7776157, member: 408"
P4U — start time TBA — FREE Entry–Ps3
KOF13– start time TBA – FREE Entry–ps3

I’d like to stress “FREE ENTRY.” Eric already mentioned at least a 1K Pot for KOF. Lets go!

oh yes the dates are announced gonna ask for these off tomorrow. cant wait for my 2nd big E event NEC was too good

Hmm, a free entry tournament with 1K+ pot that doesn’t start till Sunday afternoon. You are just asking for trouble…

I’m going to change some off the game dates by Monday.

Last year was great, looking forward to this one!

Get hype.

When you say 3v3 for KOFXIII teams, you should specify the details that it’s each individual players Vs. the other & that it’s Waseda (Pokemon) style or it’s 3v3 each player uses a character, just a suggestion. Also, are singles still going to be on Sunday as it was with NEC XIII because if there’s going to be a the pot bonus, I would think it’d be best to at least start half of the potential pools Saturday night. And if you guys need any assistance in regards to KOFXIII, don’t be shy to ask, I’ll gladly put myself out there.

Kof 13 will start sat the 23rd of feb.

3v3 I have to check on that.


Yes sir.

Of course I’m there. Should have some new equipment for the camera as well. Gonna make this look reallllll good.

Mvc1 and mvc2 tournament at WB7 who’s in?

Pre-reg will be up later today.

Not that far away. Get hyped!

It’s going to come around really fast.

Online registraion is now up. Gogogogo



Winter Brawl 7 pre-reg is up.

Go to www.bigegaming.com to sign up.

SOO in there for KoF, thanks E!