[Feb 23, 2013] Winter Brawl 7 - The Madness - Philadelphia pa., Feb 23rd and... (Philadelphia pa)

Please hurry up and reserve your rooms, here is the link.

People remember they won’t take any money off your card until you check in at the front desk.



Rooms are going fast.

Is there going to be a mvc2 tourney?? should i get hype now!?

Yes I’m going to run a special mvc1, mvc2 and umvc3 circuit soon. Stay tune for more info.

damn this being on ps3 or i’d definitely be there!

you gotta get on that converter game man

what do u mean?

I’m gonna try my damndest to be there this year. Getting laid off early kind of threw a bit of wrench in my plans but I’m making sure I’m getting there.

well, I’m going to assume you play on xbox 360. So get a converter for your pad, or if you use a fightpad buy a ps3 version, or get an arcade stick that works on both

Keep up with the times my friend lol, I hope you can make it to WB7

ahhh i c. im new to the fighting scene. sfxt was first game since sfii on genesis. i use the sfiv te arcade stick. im assuming can only be used on xbox. thanks for the info ill check into it. if i can make it work im going to this event haha

maybe just buy a ps3 mad catz pad. wouldnt be abke to get used to it in time tho.

NEC was pretty fun so I’m trying my best to come to WB7. Already got that Friday off work but cant buy my plane ticket yet cause I’m going to Apex

I was about to book my room when I decided to check the reviews to see if anyone commented anything from being there the weekend of NEC. Sure enough an older gentleman from Utah left this complaint that made me laugh:
"I stayed at this property because it was close to the airport and I had an early morning flight the next day. There was some sort of “Gamers Convention” going on - I wish I would have been informed prior to booking. I looked like a grunge fest when I walked in. Needless to say I finally got to sleep about 3:00 am and had to be leaving the facility at 5:30. I had to call the front desk FOUR times due to the noise, basically a campout in the hallway on the 11th floor outside of my room. There was literally a party with approximately eight people using the most inappropriate LOUD public language one could imagine. Every third word was an explicative. These folks had no ability to communicate in a reasonable manner. The first time I called the front desk I was told it would be taken care of right away. I watched out the peep hole and 30 minutes later no one had shown up. I’ve never felt more unsafe and trapped in a hotel facility in all my life. The second time resulted in the same outcome. The thrid time I became a bit demanding and was told they would call the police. The fourth time #at 2:30 am# I asked why I had to pay for a room when what I was paying for was not being delivered. I was told the police were here and the front desk receptionist hung up on me. Finally, the police showed up on the 11th floor and just after 2:30 in the morning. I had two police officers in my room verifying the unbelievable noise. They agreed with me and realized the party was coming from the stairway this time. So they opened the stairway door and tobacco and marijuana smells came out and the police shooed the people away I guess. Finally it was quite. Do to my experience I will never stay in this property again in my life. Further I will post this experience on my Northrop Grumman travel website. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond."
Grunge fest? Inappropriate LOUD language? No ability to communicate in a reasonable manner? Tobacco and Marijuana smells from stairwells? Yup, sounds like the fgc all right. I was actually on the eleventh floor and remember we were told by the hotel staff to keep quite because they got a complaint of too much noise on the floor (though my group was fairly quiet compared to everyone else on the floor). I was wondering who complained about the noise and now I see who it was. My room went to bed around 2am so we missed the bit with the police. I fell asleep quickly, the noise didn’t keep me from falling asleep. I’m sure the noise was part of what kept him from falling asleep, but I also think part of it was him being so annoyed at all the uncivilized people in the hotel around him and at the situation in general. Off to book my room.

I always did wonder what everyone else in the hotel was thinking about the situation.

That person said he heard a bunch of noise coming from my room and no one was in there lol lol.

If the noise upset him so much, why didn’t he come out and ask the noisemakers to be quiet? It sounds like he just hid in his room. Personally if I were in this guys shoes, I’d of been in the hallway yelling for them to shut the f%^& up lol.

if anyone can put me in touch with Javibaby from the New York scene I would appreciate it because im curious if he’s interested in a money match run back from the Curleh Mustache tournament to get into the tournament finals with D-cint in either a ft5 or ft10… Thank You…

hahaha thats fantastic! good work guys!

my body is ready