[Feb 25, 2012] Naptown Clutch II: Broken Threshold (Indianapolis, Indiana)

** Naptown Clutch 2: Broken Threshold **

Last Febuary, less than a week after the release of the much anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a tournament called Naptown Clutch was hosted. With the goal being to test the newly honed skill and ability of the Midwest’s playerbase in a fresh, nearly unplayed game. Beyond just MvC3, we saw a big doubles tournament for Third Strike, 2 vicious SF2 tournaments for both HDR and ST, 2 dedicated tournaments for MvC2, the initial debut of our Money Match Station, and the premiere of the now cult classic SF4: Sudden Death. As always a great time was had and it became Indianapolis’s biggest fighting game tournament to date.

Last Year’s Naptown Clutch: Grand Prix results thread - NapTown Clutch: Grand Prix Results and Shoutouts

With almost 100 competitors in more than 8 diverse tournaments, Frankie G, Humbag, Big Marcus, Riotgaurd, Mr.Gone, Thelo, and ImmortalBrent all had plenty of competition to accredit their skill after winning that day. Since then our scene has still been growing and competing steadily, just as it has been for the last 4 years after the first Naptown Clash. In the Midwest we commerce in a very close way. Last year the TOs (much more than just myself) received assistance from every corner of our vast community; PowerUp, Tilt, Downtown Comics, CherrySwitch and plenty of players to boot. But even with all of the help and camaraderie, we didn’t think more than a one day tournamnet was within our capabilities.

Here in Indy we’ve never had a multi-day tourney but we’ve done what we’ve planned and had a blast every time.
However our way of gaming is about going beyond what you see as your ability to truly give out the best challenge, much the way life is in that same mold… Here in the heartland I don’t just believe, I know that we are just as dedicated and capable as the rest of the world’s fighting game kingdom. With a solid year of planning, collaborating, arguing and a fair amount of procrastination I’m proud to announce Naptown’s first 2-day tournament… I would like to invite any and everyone to… our Broken Threshold!

My name Is Gregg, most people call me G, in the gaming underworld I’m also know as G^2, Barzaad, Yyin, No Dice, Gemini, and a host of other aliases, and this year i will again be NTC’s master of ceremonies. I, along with most if not all of the fighter scene here in Indy have been working to-and-fro on this year’s NTC. We’ve had a particularly difficult time planning out what games to host. But with suggestion from the more dedicated players and organizers here, a lineup has been decided on. I’ve planned a few special events, and the usual choice incentives. All in all I’m doing everything in my power to make this Indianapolis event bigger and better. With about 3 months left to settle everything into place, I’ve made this thread to put the word out and cement the date, I hope everyone who is interested can make it. I plan to pull every resource i have and put in everything i can to make this our next best event.

**When: **Saturday Febuary 25th and Sunday Febuary 26th, 2012. Pre-tournament day Friday the 24th. Doors open on gameday (sat.) at 10am, and tournaments commence at 1pm, with finals, casuals, side tournaments,and anything else on Sunday

Where: Our Tilt Studios Arcade is still our proud venue. Located at the Circle Centre Mall (address: 49 W Maryland St. Suite #101) on the top floor. We will have the run of the arcade, and our tournaments will be showcased in both theater rooms.

Venue Pricing: **
$20** for a two-day tournament pass, getting you in your tournaments, and on the tournament floor for both tournament days, Saturday and Sunday, aswell as a gamecard and free roam on Friday if you’re up to it.
[]$12 per day for individual day passes, and of course if you only believe in your skill enough to only play for one day or not stick around for finals, then that’s backwards so we obviously suggest paying for both days.
]$10 spectator passes are available, which not only gets you sanctioned on the tournament floor for the whole weekend but also gets you a free gamecard to play any of the in house arcade games.
Payout and $$: All main and secondary tournaments payout to the top 3 competitors, unless otherwise stated. They payout in the standard 70/20/10 split of the whole pot, with the winner getting %70, second place getting %20, and third place getting %10. And a special announcement this year, we’ve come across a $500 pot bonus. Each of the main 5 tournaments (look below) will get an equal amount of the bonus, $100 to each games pot in total.

Main Tournaments and Rules:

**Third Strike Doubles: **Played on Xbox 360 online edition. 2v2, $15 a head, $30 per team, double elimination. the team format is TBD. 2/3 rounds, first team to 2 games. And as always Gill is banned and Sean is encouraged. Winning Team and the runners up split the pot 80/20. 3S doubles are likely to be ran by our local 3S player Indy.

Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo: Played on community donated SuperGuns. I’m a little torn on the pricing for this tournament again, I would love to make it a more highroller tournament but for now it stands at $10 entry. If anyone thinks it should be higher stakes like i do please let me know. The rules stand as; 2/3 rounds, first to 2 games, loser can switch their character, winner stays, double elimination. ST tournament will probably be ran by Patrick aka Zamza aka Honeyboy

Mortal Kombat: We have much love here for MK.$10 entry, to be played on PS3. The rules being 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, default fight settings (calssic music allowed), loser can swap their character, winner must stay, double elimination. This tournament will be ran by our arcades event manager and world-record MK player Mike Valenti aka VAL.

**Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012: **Man i kind of hate typing all that out. $10 entry, and will be played on either 360. The ruleset is the standard EVO rules. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, loser can switch their character and ultra, the winner must maintain their character choice but can swap their ultra. No character bans and running double elimination. I will probably be running brackets for this tournament.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: We have arrived full circle. $10 entry, game will be played on either 360. 2/3 games, loser can switch his team and his order, winner cannot switch their characters or order. No character limits, and double elimination. This year’s Marv3l tournament will be regulated by… someone… probably Bank

The above 5 games will be our main lineup, but we will have more than enough room for side tournaments. All of this information is subject to change. If anyone has any suggestions for the rules or anything please let me know, but as far as I’m concerned these rulesets have worked for a decade so there’s not much to do.


Friday Feb. 24th - pre-game-day … if you happen to be in town a day early you can check out the arcade venue for free, check in and register for your tournaments, or just hang out. I’ll be running last minute stuff, and helping setup the stations and stream and whatnot

Saturday Feb. 25th - Game-day!.. doors to the arcade open at 10am. Registration goes from then until about 3pm. at 2pm SSF4AE starts. at 3pm MK9, ST**, **3S doubles start. pending the end of SF4, MvC3 and KOFXIII will start at or around 6pm. The arcade will close around 11pm.

Sunday Feb. 26th - Finals, BYOC, and Side-game Day. doors once again open at 10am. Registration for any second day game goes from Saturday on until Sunday at 2pm. at 1pm the TILT vs. Arcade Legacy 5v5 will kickoff, followed by the Indy vs. Purdue AE 5v5. once those 2 events are done the finals for each game will begin streaming. Guilty Gear, MK Tag, and SF4 Sudden Death will all start at or around 2pm. And the Mystery Game Gauntlet will begin shortly there after. Melty Blood and VS will run in between whenever there is time. Once the finals and everything is all sewn up, we’ll still have the venue space until about 11pm.

thanks to Ghaleon for helping out with the schedule. I figure this will get everyone home in time for tea, and if you don’t want to stay both days you won’t have to provided you didn’t make it to the finals of your game or don’t want to play in any of the side games. The schedule is still subject to change, but i doubt it’ll change at this point…

reserved by the TO for more info… stuff to added here;

Zach aka Ailerus from the AL part of Ohio has offered to stream NapTown Clutch 2 for us… out of the blue, an answer to my prayers. Ailerus has noted that he has player cams and direct feed from his mixer which is standard for a fine level of streaming. He has been doing the streaming from Arcade Legacy for some time now and I’m proud as all hell to have him handle the stream for my tournament. I’m not the kind of person to put alot of priority on a stream, i’m more about the event itself, but in today’s FG scene streams are all but mandatory. I’m so happy we’ll be able to deliver the tournament as it happens to anyone unable to attend and have it archived for the future. Ailerus’s streaming is showcased on the TwitchTV AL channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy/b/306007937

The quality is up to par and the setup looks to be perfect for any tournament… I cant wait til showtime

**Side Tournaments **

KOFXIII -by popular demand, we’re having a lot of fun with KOF right now and i’ve always loved KOF more than SF anyhow so, $10 entry fee, 2/3 games, double elim, and as of right now no character bans, pot split goes 70/20/10 and will be played on Xbox 360

Guilty Gear - We’re preferring this more than BlazBlue around here, but if there’s a hardcore demand for BB on game-day we’ll consider going through with BB too. I’m not up-to-date on the current version of GG but we’ll be playing the regulated one on PS2. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elim, no EX, gold, or black characters, the pot split will go 70/20/10

Mortal Kombat Tag Team - MK9 tag mode, 2 players for each team, 1 per character duh. This might get complicated but right now the rules go something like: 2v2, 2/3 games, no character bans, and the winner pot split will be decided on

Mystery Game Gauntlet - I’m hoping this gets more attention than last year, and i’ve rearranged the usual mystery game rules so: each round will feature a different game. round one will be a 4-play free for all elimination round, the winner and runner up will go on to face one another in the next round and game, while the 2 on the losing side will face each other in the lower bracket in a different game. the idividual rules for each game are likely to change round to round obviously.

SSF4 AE Sudden Death Tournament - A huge hit at all of our regular tournaments since we first did it last year. Thought up by Patrick ‘Honeyboy’ Galagan. The rules are simple: any character, best 2/3 games, best 4/7 rounds … each player has to lower their health handicap to 1 star. That means 1 hit and it’s all over… qutie fun held on Xbox 360

The Power Up Prize

  • Osirun has added a special incentive to this year’s Naptown Clutch. Anyone who wins any of the main 5 games (3S, MK9, AE, ST, or Ultimate) will recieve a voucher for free entry into this year’s PowerUp Tournament. This is a big deal. In addition to you pot winnings you’ll get a free pass to what is the MidWest’s premiere EVO circuit tournament. Everyone is going to want to bring they’re A-game, this opportunity will get you a big jump on the competition come the summer. And both members of the winning 3S team will receive a voucher.

Tilt vs. Arcade Legacy

  • A 5on5 team competition, between our Tilt Studios players and Arcade Legacy’s. We’ll be having a friendly contest of skill. We’ll be competing in all 5 of our main tournament games, Ultimate, ST, 3S, AE, and MK9. We’ll be playing rotation style all 5 matches will go down regardless of winners. Each match will be played to first to 2 games. I will be captaining team Tilt whether or not im on the squad, and likewise Osirun will be captaining team AL if he happens to make it out. We’ve been tossing this idea around since SB this year, and let it be known there is no bad feelings between these 2 teams or arcades… and this was thought up long before AL absconded with our cabinets

DownTown Comics

  • Downtown Comics is returning this year aswell. DT Comics is not only the biggest Indiana-based comicbook chain (since 1993) but it’s also a dear store to me. I personally drop by my DT comics place atleast once a week to get my fix. Last year the owner and operator Doug was on hand himself selling merchandise and providing spectacular prizes for our players.
    This year they’ve offered to provide the same luxuries and anything else they can. Doug and his staff will once again be onsite selling comics, figures, art prints, cards, and a heap of other nerd merchandise. If there’s anything specific that you’re looking for let me know and I can easily sway them to bring it.
    Last year DownTown Comics did us (or rather me personally) a very big service by coming. And Doug brought us a slew of prizes positively oozing badass. The winner of MvC2 got an original giant-sized X-men comic from the 70s which was easily worth $100 or more which went to Otter. The runner up for MvC3 got some limited edition Captain America shot glasses (still in the box of course) and i’m fairly sure Humbag has had some use for them.
    And the crown jewel?.. this hand drawn Gambit and Rouge double-date cover :http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150182689877453&set=a.10150182688832453.323814.659322452&type=3&theater … Priceless in my eyes… I absolutely looooooooove Gambit and Rouge and had no intention of competing in my own tournament until Doug revealed this as a prize. And on top of that he went through the trouble of getting it framed and adding a plaque to show it as a trophy for us: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150182692647453&set=a.10150182688832453.323814.659322452&type=3&theater#!/media/set/?set=a.10150182688832453.323814.659322452&type=3 and it’s now in the hands of the dastardly Frankie G. who will hopefully be back to defend his title. That’s dedication from sponsors, and I certainly couldn’t ask for more. So please check them out on game day, and let me know if you want to see anything in particular.

Cherry Switch TwinGalaxies World Records

  • Here at TILT we have a resident MK legend, Micheal Valenti. Mike is the current world record holder for Mortal Kombat 4 and MK Deadly Alliance speedruns. You can look him up on TwinGalaxies. He heads a team of WR hounds know as Cherry Switch. They trade tactics and advice on going after world records. Not only do we have MK under the belt but also AfterBurner Climax, House of the Dead, Silent Scope EX, and (thanks to yours truly) Resident Evil. All of those world records (emphasis on world) are held in house by TILT players.
    Cherry Switch’s leader Mike is offering up a special opportunity to anyone the weekend of NapTown Clutch 2. Anyone who thinks or knows that they can best a TG world record, or more importantly our records, only has to speak to Mike on game-day for their chance. Mike will regulate the settings for the game, record the attempt (or success), and submit the score for you. Success means a world record in your name, a priceless achievement let me tell you. Any in-house arcade game is acceptable but Mike has a specific list of games in mind;
  • House of the Dead 4 (world record held in house)
  • After Burner Climax (world record held in house)
  • Rambo
  • Silent Scope (1,2, or EX)
  • Time Crisis 2+3
  • Hydro Thunder (both of them)
  • Star Wars Trilogy
  • Top Skater (Novie and Hard courses)
  • Let’s Go Jungle
  • Harley Davidson: L.A. Riders
  • SSF4: Arcade Edition
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Simply check the Twin Galaxies homepage for the game’s current world highscore (if there is one recorded). And if you think you can best it let Mike know and have at it. I personally would like to see anyone beat my arcade legend scores in Asteroids Deluxe, Bust-A-Move, or Silent Scope EX. I can get word to Mike if you would like to attempt but the easier route would be to ask him on game-day. Mike will be running both MK tournaments.
    []Sponsor and Partner info - Team Khronic Zer0, NetBattles, ModJunkiez and more
    ]Hotel Info
    []Food Service from Villa Pizza and Chik-fil-A
    ]The Indy vs. Purdue 5v5
    we’ve got a lot in store so check here for information, and sound off…

360 version of 3s or bust imo.

PS3 version of 3s shouldnt be used and 360 3sOE is more arcade perfect than Ps2.

i see no reason (crazy weather permitting) not to be in attendance! sounds like a good time.

I’ll be here with some other guys, I’ll probably drive or something because I’m sure the Fort Wayne car won’t be able to fit us all.

fuck chik-fil-a

This is on my ‘To Consider’ list

I’m there! I’ll be bringing the newly found crew from the Elkhart/South Bend area as well.

Also, if you don’t have a steam lined up, and if you have the ability to have one run, I have a friend who might be willing to help out.

Nova Reps us Well. Prepare for the devastation coming in the form of the SHINKU SPECIAL!

In there, back to dominate once again.

Can we just skip all the hub-bub and just hand out the money to me, Marcus, and Humbag this year? I mean, games are fun and all, but y’all are just too fray!!

In all seriousness, should be fun. Can’t wait!

I should be at this if its not the same week as Winterbrawl
and btw FUCK chick fil a…i work at one :frowning:

Serious 3s doubles partner anyone?

2nd post updated with some initial side tourney info, i’m really trying to decide on SC5 and KOFXIII hit me with your opinions on those

yeah, finding a possible stream is a serious hangup at this point… Brent Blasty was up for it last year but fell out, and i don’t think he’s really been streaming since. but everybody keep their eyes open and let me know if there’s anyone up the the task and i’ll talk to em, until then it’s on my to-do list …

and chik-fil-a is the shiznit guys… they basically offered to cater to us cuz i eat there like twice a week and they’ve seen the fallout from our tournies… somehow it made them want in

we coulda played 3S on a cab to avoid the OE issues… but Arcade Lagacy took ours <.<… anyway, im about to send out the call to arms for the midwest superpowers… then comes the thread pimping

This’ll be exciting. No way I’m gonna let this chance pass me by.

If I am there I will have a 360 setup for 3s.

Edit: I just saw that Greg has the PS2 as the format for 3s. NO WAY! OE has its problems but its miles better than that port. I popped it in the other day and yeah, that version just ain’t right.

It is time for me to come out of hiding put on my big boy pants and actually compete this year in more than 1 tourney… SF4 and Marvel??? What ever will I do???

Indeed, it is time

Its a bit too soon to say, but I might be able to make it to this.

However… all I really want to play at the moment is VS, and KoF13… I play ST but am super rusty because i haven’t been playing for the past few months.

If VS is added to the list I would be much more inclined to find a way out there. VS would be a good incentive for the majority of traveling gamers from Cincy.

Looks fun, hopefully I can make it for some 3s/ST. Please reconsider changing from ps2 to xbox360, I think oe is a superior port.