[Feb 25, 2012] North Florida Monthly Mayhem - SSF4AE, UMVC3, KOFXIII, SCV, ? (Tallahassee, FL)

Saturday February 25th, Tallahassee FL

Hey Guys, Welcome to another tournament hosted by Team Tallahassee. The mystery game will not be revealed until the day of the tournament once people have already registered and the event begins. And just a little note: The mystery game could be a fighting game, or it could be something completely different, but all in all, it should be a lot of fun. Cut down for the breakdown to get all the necessary information.

Schedule of events:
Tourney sign ups from 11-12pm
12:30pm SSFIV AE v.2012
1pm Soul Calibur V
3pm UMVC 3

Most tourneys will be run on 360 except for KOF13 and Soul Calibur V which will be on PS3. Bring your own controllers. We will need Systems with DLC and Copies of games if at all possible!

Entry Fees
Venue fee - 5 Dollars
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: $10 (Xbox360)
Soul Calibur V: $10 (PS3)
King of Fighters XIII $10 (PS3)
Mystery Game: $5(???)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10 (Xbox360)

The pot split for each game is as follows (Unless other wise notified)
1st place- 70% of the pot
2nd place - 20% of the pot
3rd place - 10% of the pot

General Rules
All games will be played best 2/3 for standard matches. For loser, winner and grand FINALS ONLY, the sets will be played out 3/5.
There are no Marcos or Turbos allowed for any controller for any game. Please be sure that these are turned off.
All events are double elimination unless an event should have less than 8 players, the style will then be converted to a Round Robin Style.
There are to be no friendlies to be played on tourney stations, if there are friendly stations available, you will be notified.

Game Specific Rules

Super Street Fighter IV
Loser may switch characters in after the first game
Winner is allowed to switch ultras, but must keep same character
All stages are tourney legal
Games are 2/3 rounds at 99 seconds
Matches are 2/3 games

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Winner must keep same team and same team order as the previous match.
Games are 2/3 games at 99 seconds.

King of Fighters XIII

Winner may not change the order of his team
Matches are 2/3 Games at 60 seconds 3vs3

Soul Calibur V
Soul of Devil Jin is Banned
Matches are set to 3/5 and are 60 seconds. Players will play best 2 0f 3 matches.
Create a Soul characters are banned.
Winner must keep same character, loser of a match can switch Character and Stage.
1st match stage will be decided by random.****
Mystery Game
Who Knows???

Post here to RSVP and let me know what you will be entering! Hope to see yo guys there and if someone wants to help get a stream going, let me know.

NOTE: The TO reserves the right to make last minute calls or changes if deemed necessary (this can include but not limited to Tourney format, pot split, Start time delays etc. based on number of entrants and other factors)


Ultimate MvC3


Soul Calibur V

Mystery Game (Controllers will be provided for this event)

Post up what games you would like to play in, your srk name and what city you are representing. Also PLEASE let me know if I can expect you to bring a setup with what game you are bringing and that it is fully patched and has all of the characters. Ill post up to see if I can offer any deals for bringing setups.

Sign me up for SC5. I can bring a setup too.

AE and Marvel, as long as its RR. I think I’m bringing Rose only to this one.