[Feb 25, 2012] Quick Max: Interactive KOFXIII Classroom/Local (Manteca, CA)

This Saturday Me and my friends are going to have a local focused on The King of Fighters 13 and learning the game and it’s mechanics. On top of that we will be having a stream anyone can tune into, but even better than that bring your questions to the stream and we will answer any and all gameplay questions we can to our best efforts!

Even better show up to the event and play casuals, but be sure to bring your own controllers! We only have 2 PSE3 Set ups and 1 360 Set up with very limited sticks and controllers. I don’t think we have any CRTs as well so if you want bring your own set ups as well to play anything else you might want.

Quick Max will be pleased to help any and all comers to the stream and event so keep us in mind!

We are live! Check us out!