[Feb 25, 2012] Souls & Swords Tournament by GetHype, South Africa (AWX Shop BrightWater Commons)

The Soul Calibur Souls & Swords Tournament by GetHype.

GetHype will be hosting the first SoulCalibur V tournament, titled Souls and Swords on Saturday the 25th. The event will be taking place inside the AWX shop; registrations will be open from 10am and will close at 11:30 am. Brackets will then be drawn up and the tournament will start at 12pm. The Tournament will be run in a Double Elimination method. Matches will be best out of 3 games, 3 rounds at 60 seconds each per round per game, finals and grand finals where it switches to best out of 5 games. No custom characters will be allowed, Devil Jin Style will be banned and Dampierre is banned until he is made available on LIVE and PSN. All stages will be random select.

The winner of the tournament will be the proud owner of the latest SoulCalibur V Madcatz TE stick, (Recently Review on Lazygamer.net) thanks to AWX, Runner up Voucher prizes will be given as well.

Man, Ive been looking for local tourneys and matches but couldn’t find any. Missed this as well. Here’s to hoping to see more soon.