Feb 26th 2011 - Chicago IL - SSFIV and MVC3 $500.00 Bonus Each - 247gamr.com

Whats up!

Nilo from 247gamr.com here and I’m proud to announce our first in what will eventually become a long series of gaming events.

Official Website - 247gamr.com

Pre-Registration - Register Now

When - February 26th, 2011

Where - Google Maps

7115 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60707

There is a Metra Station right behind the Venue.

Event Registration - Two ways to register online at 247gamr.com or at the door (Venue passes will be $20 at the door compared to $10 online). You have until February 20th to register online otherwise you have to register at the door.

MVC3 - $500 Bonus
SSFIV - $500 Bonus
SSFIV - 3v3

Currently looking for other people to help run more games. If anyone is interested send me an email. nilo[at]247gamr.com

Setups - We will be using ASUS VH236 Monitors for the MVC3 and SSFIV Tournaments If anyone has setups that they can bring out that would be great

Sponsors - TBA

Live Stream - TBA

Payouts - 70/20/10 for now, as the number of entrants increases this will be modified slightly to pay out more places.

**Staff **- Nilo (Director), Archeophant, Frankie G. Again if anyone wants to help out by bringing out setups, running tournaments, promoting or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Marvel vs Capcom 3, Xbox360 (If the xbox version is found to be broken or inferior to the PS3 version, we will switch to PS3)
$10 entry fee ? double elimination
best 2/3 ? Winners, Losers & Grand finals 3/5
all characters are selectable
Winner must keep Team, loser my switch

BONUS: $500.00

*With this game still to be released rules and settings may be altered.

Super Street Fighter IV: singles, Xbox360
$10 entry fee ? double elimination*.
best 2/3 ? Winners, Losers & Grand finals 3/5
all characters and ultras are selectable
Winner must keep character, loser my switch
If ?Loser? switches character ?Winner? may switch Ultra

BONUS: $500.00

If you lose your first two matches you will automatically be entered into the 2&OUT tournament.

Super Street Fighter IV: 2&OUT, Xbox360
FREE ? double elimination.
best 2/3 ? Grand finals 3/5
all characters and ultras are selectable
Winner must keep character, loser my switch
If ?Loser? switches character ?Winner? may switch Ultra

Prize: TBA

Super Street Fighter IV: 3v3, Xbox360
3 on 3 team tournament
no same character teams
$10 entry per person ($30 per team)
Pokemon style. First person to play from each team is selected blind. 1 game sets. Winner stays (May change Ultra but not character), losing side sends up next person of choice to play. Your team advances after defeating all 3 persons from opposing team. Finals will be 2/3
all characters and ultras are selectable

HDR(360) (Run by Frankie G)

-$5 Entry
-Double Elimination
-2/3 rounds,Grand finals is 3/5(Loser has to win 2 sets)
-Akuma is BANNED

Arcana Heart 3(PS3) (Run by Frankie G)

-$10 Entry
-2/3 rounds,Grand finals is 3/5(Loser has too win 2 sets)
-Winner keeps the same character(But can change there Arcana)
-Boss character is banned
-If your using a Pad please make sure too turn it off

Tentative Schedule - Starting at 1pm and Running Back to Back

SSFIV - gonna run through up to final 8
SSFIV 2&out - up to final 8
MVC3 - up to final 8
SSFIV Team run through the whole tournament
SSFIV 2&out - Final 8
SSFIV - Final 8
MVC3 - Final 8


**Listed Bonuses will be added on top of total prize pot. Pot payouts will start at 1st place ? 70%, 2nd ? 20%, 3rd ? 10% of total entry fees per game, but may be changed dependent on the amount of entrants to payout more places. All tournament entry fees will be added to the respective tournament pot 247gamr.com will not take anything off the top. Current Payout Info

**We reserve the right to change the rules to any tournament at any time.

First, btw I’ll pre-reg sometime soon.

Frankie G

Sounds like fun. If I end up liking marvel I’ll try to make it out. I like the idea of a 2 and out tournament also :slight_smile:

Nice to see new tourny runners popping up in chicago. Will look into this.

Good shit! I might be down for this.

Bp amoco down for mvc and ssf4.

GAH I WAS EXCITED. Being a Ps3 pad player = fail.

get a converter, or fightpads aren’t that bad for sf4 honestly. I’m a dedicated pad player and the inputs are pretty easy in sf4 so you should be able to adjust easily. The controller feels like a cheap piece of garbage and i wouldn’t recommended it for games like tekken and such but really it’s not that bad. Marvel I think i’ll be playing on a joystick however.

hell yes im there this one is actually close to my house

Sounds like fun. Can’t wait for MvC3 tourneys.

ill be down 4 this

nice, not too far away.



So I noticed the other games on there (Tekken, AH3, etc) when are you guys going to have tournaments for those games?

Yes I was wondering the same about AH3.
Is pre-reg even in this thread? I thought the site was for that.

why is venue 20$ at the door? oh well, guess its only 10 extra dollars…

Arcana heart 3 needs to be up in Dizzz bitch!

Will legitimately pre-reg soon.


kof 2k2 um

Maybe I should get a couple converters? any suggestions?

Anyone want to run a kof 2k2 um tourny?