[Feb 28, 2012] Fight On! - Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Soul Calibur V Tournament (Clifton, NJ)

120 Market St
Clifton, NJ 07012
(973) 777-3675

Join us for FIGHT ON! Tuesday night fighting game tournaments and meetups at Game On! in Clifton, New Jersey!

Time: Every Tuesday, 6PM till closing (2/28)

Venue Fee = $5
Tournament Entry Fee = $5
Bring a full setup (TV + Game (fully unlocked) + Two Controllers + Console) and get free venue fee.

Bring Your Own Controller! If you do not you will be forced to play on whatever the tournament organizers have on hand.

Main Game: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Games will be 2/3 matches.
LF, WF, and GF will be 3/5 matches.
Loser can switch characters, winner must keep same team with same assists in the same order
Prize distribution will be 70-20-10


Secondary Game: Soul Calibur V
Games will be 2/3 matches.
LF, WF, and GF will be 3/5 matches.
Stage selection will be random
Loser can switch characters, and/or choose a new random stage.
Devil Jin and Dampierre Banned
Prize distribution will be 70-20-10

Side setups will be available for casuals.

Store is conveniently located next to a sushi place, Chinese take-out, chocolate shop, pizzeria, exotic ice-cream shop, quick-check, bagel shop, bakery, small food market, Mexican restaurant, movie theater, cafe, and liquor store.

Come support your local community! Invite people to the official facebook event at http://www.facebook.com/events/293554087377809/

Our first weekly just went off without a hitch last Tuesday! Come and join us again this upcoming Tuesday the 28th!

Sorry to say but the big 100" Screen won’t be coming, no room for it :frowning:

post this on 8wayrun!

Feel free to do it for me ! I’ll make sure to do it from this point on.

Attendees will choose what games we play next week. Rankings will be saved after ever tournament and will be used for seeing/posted in the store.

Thanks for coming out everyone! We had a wonderful time and hopefully next weeks will be even bigger!

is calibur here to stay? im going to be able to go during my spring break and i really want to see how north jersey is

As long as we keep getting enough soul calibur players to run a tournament the tournament will be run. So, yes, if the soul calibur players keep showing up.