[Feb 28, 2012] Gamebreakerz Tuesday 2-28 - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 w/ $100 Pot... (Auburn, WA)


[LEFT]Tuesday 2-28 UMvC3 Tourney in Auburn WA[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Open Casuals (Same as always $3 for the night.)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SCV, AE 2012, KOF, MK or feel free to bring in your own games to use and play with friends. We’ve got a comfortable venue with plenty of systems to get a ton of practice and games in.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tuesday night GBZ will be adding up to $100 to the Marvel pot this week for all participating Marvel Tourney players.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Marvel Tourney Players[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Venue Fee $3 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournament Entry Fee $10 Marvel.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]4pm - 11:30pm Casual Open Sessions[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tourney Registration 4pm - 6:45pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tourney Start times are at 7:30pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Will be stream by SeattleFootClan[/LEFT]