[Feb 3, 2012] SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 10 Death by the voltages (Next Level Arcade!)

****Skillionaire Fighting X Death by the Voltages! ****
Here we GO! The Tenth installment of this GREATEST fighting game tournament!
We have for you the same thing as the last event!
KOF13,Vampire Savior, Street Fighter Alpha2 February 3, 2012
The tournament will start, and run as fast as we can get it going! So try to be there on time! 7:30 is sign ups 8 we start!

Yo Invite your friends, get your family JUST COME OUT TO THE EVENT GUYS! <3 We got that KOF13 going for ya!

Bump for bi-weekly consistency:tup:

If any one can, please bring a spare modded ps2. Extra copy or Vsav and A2, were gonna need it. Also Booty clapper bring your copy of Real bout 2 for ps2 Lool plox