[Feb 4, 2012] ACM Avalanche - SSF4AE/UMVC3/SSBM **SPONSORED BY BAWLS** (Radford, VA)



ACM Avalanche


About Me
I am new to the SRK forums, as this is my first post and event on here. However, I am not new to the fighting game world or tournament hosting. I have followed SmashBoards throughout my melee career and also frequent SRK and 8WR for the other fighting games I play (while I am not actively involved in the community there). I have TO’d several events and have a lot of experience with those “oh snap” moments where stuff needs to happen to meet schedules and get matches in by the time doors close.

At the present, I am spending my winter break in Richmond, VA. I’ve heard there are big followings for UMVC3 and SSF4AE here. If you’re interested in meeting up, talking about the event, or just in general have any questions please feel free to contact me via my email or phone.

Contact Info
Phone – 804-690-0616
Email – OniKami@gmail.com

This is going to be an amazing event. Already with the feedback from locals and the community on SmashBoards we are hoping to have 40-50+, and we still have SRK to attract and a month left for people to realize that the Avalanche is coming.

The Venue

  • Holds 100 comfortably
  • Two projectors
  • Plenty of chairs/tables to setup with
  • PA system for calling matches
  • Plenty of FREE parking (more information on the Facebook page)
  • Less then 4 miles from an interstate (and you follow ONE road once you get off of it)
  • Right across from the main dining services at Radford University (http://www.dineoncampus.com/radford/)

As you can see we have an AMAZING venue with plenty to work with. We want to make this event huge. Streamers, commentary, setups, hype.

Super Smash Brothers Melee - singles and doubles
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - singles
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - singles
*All brackets are double elimination and will be ran and posted through Challonge (http://challonge.com/)

Venue fee: $5 (waived for FULL setup – Game, console, TV (CRT for Smash))
Entry fee for all games: $5 per person

Prize distribution for all singles games will be 60/30/10. Smash doubles will be 70/30

The event is now officially sponsored by Shiden Advanced (http://www.ShidenAdvanced.com), a local gaming guild. The group has agreed to add $50 to EVERY singles pool at Avalanche. That makes an extra $150 to the total prize pool. Very hype about this.

Pre-Registration– http://radford.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_cAN4zRtx1CfLPQo
We highly encourage people to pre-register. It helps us obtain accurate numbers for the event and attract bigger players from surrounding areas. Those that pre-register will be entered in a raffle that will be done early during the tournament. The winner of said raffle will at the very least receive their venue fee back. In addition to that, we are working on lining up sponsorship prizes from various local and remote companies.

Smash Brothers
live stream:
*youtube: *http://www.youtube.com/UsurperKingZant

Marvel & Street Fighter
live stream:

We’re looking for people who can provide live stream, recording, and commentary service. We don’t have a complete staff yet so if you think you can help out send me an email or call me. Adequate service will waive your venue fee

Social Networking
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/258566884198752/
SmashBoards: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=315260

Smash Schedule
12:00pm - 1:00pm, Registration
1:00pm - 3:00pm, Melee Singles Pools
3:00pm - 6:00pm, Melee Doubles Bracket
6:00pm - 7:00pm, Dinner Break
7:00pm - 10:00pm Melee Singles Bracket

Marvel/Street Fighter Schedule
12:00pm - 1:00pm, Registration
1:00pm - 5:00pm, Super Street Fighter 4 AE Bracket
5:00pm - 6:00pm, Friendlies/casual play
6:00pm - 7:00pm, Dinner Break
7:00pm - 10:00pm, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Bracket

Rule Sets
Standard rules for UMVC3/SSF4AE. Every game will be best of 3 rounds, 99 second limit. A set will be the best 2 of 3 games. Finals for winners and losers will be best 3 of 5. For anything not covered or mentioned, we will defer to the official Evo rule sets (http://evo2k.com/player-guide/) in the case of disputes or further questions.

The preferred console for both traditional fighters is the XB360 (as it is more popular in this area). All matches will be played on XB360s unless both players agree to a PS3 selection for that round.

Smash specific rule sets can be found on the SmashBoards thread linked above.

“To edit”?

I’m the one who should be posting something like that. Anyways, I’m 2nd in charge at this event. I’ll be handling the Melee side

Still working on prettying up the thread. Bare with me while it is edited. Thank you^^

Can you please be more specific with this?
“The preferred console for both traditional fighters is the XB360 (as it is more popular in this area). Be as prepared as possible to play on either console with either a converter or a dual modded stick.”

I don’t like the idea of having to play on one or the other. What seems to work is one system, in this case Xbox, being the default system. If two players are playing, the default system is Xbox unless BOTH players agree to play on PS3.

Ah, what a huge oversight on my part. Yes, indeed. Thank you very much. The thread will be edited to reflect that method (as it is a lot more clear)

Debating about whether to go to this or Richmond. $10 entry would make the choice a lot easier, just sayin.

We had tossed this idea around a lot in the planning stages of this event. I was pushing for the bigger entry fee, but I feel that it would turn too many locals away.

Just a reminder guys that the event is upcoming in 2 weeks =D I know we haven’t seen a lot of feedback here on the forums about it, but if you are planning on coming please try to RSVP via some system (pre-reg preferred, as we are making name badges)

Hope that we can get some hype going for this in the next 2 weeks.

hoho… I’m very happy. We might’ve landed a small sponsor for the event. Expect an update about this tonight once I finalize the details. =)

Got the final word that the event is sponsored. $50 bonus to every singles pot. So SSF4 and UMVC3 will be receiving this. Mad hype for this. Spread the world guys. =D

good luck with the event Jedi!

Thanks man. I’m trying to make it hype. You gonna be able to make it out?

nope, I dont go to tournaments anymore. I’ll try to support by watching the stream. Again, best of luck!

Awesome. I appreciate the support. I’ll be sure to post the stream links when the day comes!

Just checked out the venue again today to make sure everything is working. PA System and both projectors are ready to go =D We have outlets on the floor so no clutter and tripping… and the sponsor will be providing refreshments as well. It’s going to mad a mad awesome venue.

Good Luck with your event.

Let me know if you guys get a stream and are interested in cross promoting. We’re doing a larger event here in Richmond, but I understand 3 hours is an annoying drive for some.

We have the Smash recording and streaming easily taken care of. Anyone out there going to this event going to do anything for Marvel and Street Fighter? If Smash happens to end with plenty of time before Marvel finals, I could also record those sets. The Marvel main stage would have to takeover the Smash main stage for this to work. My recording setup has way too many wires to be anything close to movable


How close can the Smash and trad’ fighter main setups be set? I could record both sides

I can’t stream

Bump son let’s get hyyyyyyyype

This just in: We are now sponsored by Bawls energy drinks. We will have 8 cases to use at the event. Right now all I can say is that we’re planning on doing something with pre-registration so be sure to do that. =D Very hype.

Thanks for the support. I’d love to do some cross promotion. I had gathered that this was announced on SRK before ours, but I had not seen it on the SmashBoards side when the date was set, otherwise we would’ve tried to rearrange.

Anyways, goodluck with the event^^