[Feb 5, 2012] Rhode to Avalon (UMvC3 tournament) 11/19 (Kingston, RI)

This is a UMvC3 tournament. The tournament will be a single elimination, with all but the final match will be best of three (the final will be a best of five). There will be two stations, both X Box 360, and the will be remotes for those who need them. Bring you own fight stick and keep your eye on it. After the tournament, you can do all the free play you want.

Entrench fee for the UMvC3 event is $10 (at the moment, it will depend on how many people show up. I may reduce it to $5)

1st Place Prize: A brand new Hori Fighting Stick VX (X Box A/F.S.) and free entry for the URI Gaming Con.

2nd Place Prize: A $20 gift card to Game Stop, and free entry for the URI Gaming Con.

3rd Place Prize: Free entry for the URI Gaming Con.

Parking Info: http://www.uri.edu/parking/images/KingstonParkingMap2010_2011.pdf, all you need to know is there.
For Busing: http://www.ripta.com/, any bus that takes you to URI will take you here.

If anyone wish for info on the location within the building it self just ask.

1 ralph brown
2 Sean Kelley
3 mike f
4 Sam Von V
5 Ben Bisard
5 Rayn Drago
7 Kiven Bodurtha

NOONE notified me of this! :frowning:

No one told me of this either, I might not make it, what the FUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Assuming I do make it, I’ll bring a copy of KoFXIII with me for kicks.

this happend a while ago

Oh whaat, this happened last year?! But it says it’s upcoming on the Tournaments and Events page…

In fact, it’s says Jan 6, 2012 in the title. What’s going on here?

I asked the guy that runs it to and he said there is no tourney must be an error on the forums

Aw, that sucks… And here I though I was finally going to play people in this state…