[Feb 5, 2013] WSO UMVC3 London (London)


WinnerStaysOn’s weekly Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 tournament, from the heart of London.featuring such players as Cheech Wizard, Dignitas.Zak Bennett, Howtoread, Chrome Alchemist London’s Syndicate, Team Hard Dough and many many more. UMVC3 is every second Tuesday in Gamerbase Piccadilly, at the back of HMV in central London. For more information see www.facebook.com/winnerstayson. Streamed at live http://www.twitch.tv/armshouse.

The tournament starts at 7.30 with registration closing at 7PM.
Venue: HMV Gamerbase, Piccadilly Circus
Fee: £5, £2 fine if you do not bring your own controller.
Format: XBOX360